Wednesday , April 14 2021

Sara Reljić explained what is behind the picture of a naked man from his apartment and fills his mouth with the heirs! (PHOTO) | telegraph

Sara Reljić recently stopped on vacation with the Virgin of the Virgin, so much she thought she already had a new boyfriend. However, that did not happen.

The question is the announcement of a shirtless man in Sarin's apartment, and the singer, after many fans 'and others' conclusions, is obviously wrong, explaining what he was doing and what the situation was. She appeared on Instagram and wrote here:

Hi, people, this picture is a "naked man" in my apartment that "please" at the inbox, and you do not intend to ask who he is, the picture is the boy of my good friend with whom he has been in contact for a long time.

Sara Reljić / Photo: ATA Pictures

– Why was the picture in my apartment? Because – While I was in Paris, they kept my apartment and cats. Mystery is solved! And anyone who sent me the pictures by mailboxes but did not write me directly, I can freely say I was disappointed … and they did not appear to me anymore – Sara wrote.

Sarah's explanation for Instagram / Printskrin: Instagram / sara_reljic.1

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What Vojka Gans said about the break with Sara, you can look at the following text:

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