Monday , April 12 2021

Trinkeries: We started drunk, we had to dig

Partizan won Cibona 86:67 in the derby of the seventh round of the ABA League

PHOTO: D. Žarković

Basketball coach Partizan Andrea Trinkijeri said that his players against Cibona started drinking and pointed out that they should not play against stronger teams.

– If we think we're playing against the future and the stars … We're young, but we have to learn that we can not open the game in this way. We started drunk. It's a little early to have a drink in the afternoon. It was good moments but if we think against strong teams, I'm sorry for the fans and the players – He said Trinkijeri journalists in Belgrade.

The Partisans have won Cibona 86:67 in the derby of the seventh round of the ABA League.

Black and white are the third consecutive victory since Trikeers were sitting on the club bench.

– I'm not happy, honestly. I told the players good but we have to be real … They are paid to make the players better. Every day – He said Trinkijeri.

Partizan said it was easy to play in the lobby at "Aleksandar Nikolić" hall, but also stressed that his team must be better.

– I thought after Trent – that's it. When it is – even better. It's easy to play with energy in this hall and we're always in a hurry. This is not a younger tournament. We must quickly understand what a serious, professional basketball … We have 20 differences, but that's not enough, because there is a way the team must get out in the field. The first requirement was to dig, and now we have to go for a better basket, both in defense and in attack.

Frustrated with what happened to Anthony Brown, she responded briefly:

– He was sitting on the bench, the coach's decision.

Then the question comes – with the captain Novica Veličković?

– We have a job. I told him he was trying to get back to his best physical form, to do it every day, and when he was ready, he would be back. He had a lot of physical problems. We need an experienced player, but I am happy to train and how, as a captain, he helps the team He said Tinkijeri.

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