Saturday , April 17 2021


From October to October this year, 5.752 people were affected by morbidity in our country, of whom 15 died of brain inflammation and lung failure, the worst complications of this disease. EPediatrician Zoran Radovanovic says despite the fact that this massive morbid epidemic is not expected this winter, so anyone who needs to be vaccinated should be obliged!

"Batut": More vaccinated

According to the Institute of Public Health Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut, MMR vaccine coverage in Serbia in 2017 was 85.2 percent and re-vaccination 91.6. In the first six months of 2018, the number of children vaccinated in the second year of life was 52.9 percent, 18.3 percent more than in the same period last year, when it was only 34.6 percent.

– The solution to the problem is in vaccination, and we should not consider whether the number of patients in the forthcoming period will be smaller, but we should focus on eradication. And we can not do it until the vaccination of 95% of preschool children! The epidemic always moves from them, as the rest of the population is already protected by incomplete immunization or has already experienced the disease. The space for developing an epidemic is precisely because some parents still refuse to vaccinate their children. Of course, the scope of immunization is far greater than the same period last year, but still insufficient to be carefree when it comes to morbidity. Nonetheless, the fact that the number of immunized vaccines increases from day to day is encouraging, and therefore this optimism that the number of patients suffering this year will be significantly lower than last year – Radovanovic points out.

MEN'S BIRTHDAY IS NATURAL! Physicians warn of the spread of the epidemic

And infectious scientist Žarko Ranković says the number of vaccinated children means that the number of patients will be lower.

– The fact is that more and more parents are vaccinating their children, so we hope the epidemic will have to be smaller than last year. We hope it will not be dead of this disease, as it has been in the past 12 months he says.

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