Saturday , April 17 2021

Ericsson talks about leaving Sauber

Cape Town – Just Like sauber they found their legs, Marcus Ericsson have
the door was shown in what he wrote as "obvious
disappointing "time.

The Swede joined Sauber 2014 and was with the team
through difficult times including the 2016 campaign without any points.

This year, after being forced to flee Alfa Romeo,
Sauber are very worse.

The team managed 36 points compared to last year's five
and sits eighth in the championship.

More wins are expected next season, but Ericsson will not be
race, just test driver, with Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi leading

"Of course, it was difficult to accept," Ericsson said

"I thought I would stay, but obviously
Understand the reasons, with a driver like Kimi becoming available, and
the other seat was obviously seized [by Ferrari].

"To get a chance to get a driver like Kimi, that's it
it is impossible not to take this opportunity.

"So I understand that, though it's obvious
disappointing for me and my career.

"I feel like I'm here, so I'm trying to
the team in very difficult times, and the car was at the bottom and people have
leaving the team, and I always tried all the efforts
turn it around, stay positive and never blame the team for anything.

"[I’ve] just pushing it hard to try and help
team to improve and feel like I've been a great part of that trip
and part of that process.

"And then you could not continue it when it was a car
it finally becomes competitive and the team has finally become competitive, that
a bit of pain, but it's the sport we're in. "

Ericsson is up to IndyCar next season where they will race
for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports.

"Only the thought of going to the race and knowing that I do
can win this weekend, it just makes me excited, because I missed it
many, "Ericsson said.

"All my career [before F1], every weekend, it was
Trying to win, and then for five years you have no idea
in your head. Not even in the head.

"And now, when I accepted that F1 is not going
coming next year, that's something that really excites me – that next year I will
you could actually go to the first race and know that if I do a good job I can
actually win. "

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