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The Roman Reign of Leukemia Update: WWE has returned "long way", revealing the family

Reigns – a quadruple WWEchampion – was forced to heartburn a step further than the ring last month until he discovered a secret leukemia fight.

After winning the WWE Universal Championship, Reigns announced to Raw that he handed over the band and went on a break.

The 33-year-old discovered that he had won the battle leukemia 11 years ago – but cancer has now returned.

Roman's partner Lance Ano & # 39; and admitted that the family had "no idea" in the time frame for returning to WWE.

Incentives in wrestling have also confirmed that discussions about his return are "far-reaching".

"I knew about cancer 11 years ago when he was in college, and once he won and can do it again"

Roman rule

Speaking of Wrestling Incom, Lance said, "We still have no idea about the time frame [for his WWE return] but we hope it will be sooner or later.

"I know, just like his family, all the fans of WWE Universe want to see him back. Me and the Romans, good Joe, in the last morning are close and I do a lot of extra work with WWE.

"He was a model for me, so I heard the news, I was very difficult.

"I knew about cancer 11 years ago when he was in college, and once he won and can do it again."

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WWE: Roman Reigns Announces Leukemia Lives on Raw by Amazed WWE Fans (Pic: WWE)

Written by Dave Meltzer in Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which Reigns began to treat leukemia.

He said all discussion about the date of return was "a long way".

The champion has been set up as a WWE face in the last few years when it was hit by resurgence leukemia.

Reigns is currently scheduled to appear at the comedian ACE Comic Con comedy in Phoenix, Arizona, in January.

Roman rule

CHAMP: Roman Reigns has just earned WWE Universal Championship (Pic: WWE)

Roman rulers vs. John Cena

SUPERMAN: Roman Reigns goes on land with his trademark flying punch at John Cena (Pic: WWE)

His son, Seth Rollins, also opened his condition – saying that he thought of Reigns every day during a conversation with Al Arabiyah.

WWE Intercontinental Champion said: "I'm fighting to sign up as a brother every two hours, but he's a strong guy and I know he's in a good position mentally and physically.

"In most, good health.

"I think we will be able to fight this pretty powerful thing, just passing through it until we can"

Roman kings embrace Dean and Silk

SHELTER: The Roman kings embrace Dean Ambrosi and Seth Rollins after announcing on Raw (Pic: WWE)

Reigns' escape from the WWE has shocked the world's wrestling and triggered a massive outbreak of support messages for him.

He had never mentioned a private physical battle, so the announcement left his fans astonished as he walked on Raw.

UFC fighter Brock Lesnar picked up his cloak as a WWE Universal Champion after beating Braun's effort into Crown Gem.

The killer is in trouble behind the stage due to several moves with the administration, according to reports.

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