Saturday , May 8 2021

Elon Musk rated 2018 worst in his career

Billionaire Elon Musk in Recode interviewed several activities in his last year's career. He talked about his controversial behavior at Twiters, the production process of Tesla Model 3, and briefly mentions Apple products.

Elon Musk says his car does not like his 2018 business as a businessman. It was a bit miserable about the Tesla 3 model, and its unbalanced contributions to Twitters come into play. Teslin CEO also briefly reviewed Apple products in an interview. He is also an iPhone user, but claims that Apple has introduced breathing products far more than it is now.

As for the contributions of Twitters, Musk has focused on some honest details of his reputation on this social network. He mentioned the tweets, which led him to trouble only to bring the lawsuit. He said he was thinking of making his company private at a nominal price of $ 420. However, litigation led to a resolution when the company was forced to strain communication with investors.

"Well, I cried interesting things while attacking me and mostly without thinking" Musk admitted. "Some use it for making hairstyles, with me Twitter" He joked. "It's not intentional. Sometimes you feel stressed and you can not sleep, are under pressure and mistake." This year, Musk celebrated sleeping on the California Tesla plant and is working to make its company produce enough 3 celery models.

In the last month, however, companies are doing pretty well

"It's not easy to survive as a car company, it's extremely difficult. People can not imagine how much the pains of people in Tesla have suffered, including me," Musk says. However, the company has managed to deliver 56,065 units of Tesla Model 3 in North America, which is 225 more than before. Looking to the future, Musk believes that Tesla can still keep its production rates.

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