Wednesday , April 14 2021

In Michalovce, the law should be violated

Violation of the electoral law and election campaign law should be held on Saturday in Michalovec. In this context, the Municipal Election Commission (MoEC) filed a complaint with the State Committee for Election and Control of Political Party Financing.

As the TASR informed MIA Vice-President Jana Bumber, in that sense, it was signaled that four of the candidates at the Michalovec municipal election site had released a video announcing voters that he did not allow the opposition to vote for the urn. "There were also indications of participation in the elections," he said, and video actors encourage voters to make a choice if they want to change, or tomorrow will be too late. "It is an official candidate for the election of the mayor together with three candidates for the election of deputies," he added.

The MVK, in other words, saw this video on the official election page of this social network candidate. "Voting was decided to inform and file a complaint about the Electoral Commission's and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic for violations of the electoral law and election campaign laws, and we informed the Election Commission about possible violations of this law," he concluded.

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