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The biggest Van der Vaart rival, Ibrahimovic, has completed his career

He had a career that many dreamed of. He grabbed Ajax, Hamburger, Real Madrid and Tottenham. He played Holland at the 2010 World Cup final. The Golden Assistant in 2003 could have even more developed his talent. No injuries. That is why Rafael van der Vaart has gained his active career in recent years and therefore ended up at age 35 on Sunday.

I was the best, Ibra thought he was the best

In Ajax Amsterdam, midfielder Rafael van der Vaart began, where he and Wesley Sneijder formed one of the most creative pairs in Europe. Prior to them was canonist Zlatan Ibrahimović. Van der Vaart and the swift Swedes were young, they wanted glory for themselves. Rivalry grew into hatred. The Dutchman withdrew for the long end of the spell. He was a kid of Ajax, captain, dear leader and fan. In addition, Zlatan also overcame the struggle of Sylvie Meis, who married Rafael as a man. "We both were very young. I was the best Ajax player, Zlatan came and thought he was the best, " remember Van der Vaart at Ibrahimovic for football.ua: "I think he was jealous of me. Only two strong eagles met in one place. I think I was a bigger problem for him than he did for me. Today Ibrahimovic is a honest person. The conflicts we have got through. "

source: Ibrahimovich from Ajax Van der Vaart's teammate missed his ankle.

The rivalry between the pair culminated in 2004 Ibrahimovic in the Swedish match against the Netherlands barely approached Van der Vaart. While the Dutch pulled the rails, the Swede celebrated the goal. Both were then called Ajax Ronaldo Koeman's coach at the sag. He asked for clarification of his dispute. Van der Vaart accused Ibrahimovic of intentionally hurting him. The Swede replied: "I did not intentionally hurt you, and you know that. If you blame me again, I will correct your two legs, and that will be deliberate." Ibra shortly after the incident went to Juventus, Van der Vaart held a celebration of his departure.

source: Van der Vaart trains the accuracy of the explosion on Ibrahimović's poster.

I want to have fun, not to rehabilitate

A year later he moved to Hamburger, where he moved to Real Madrid after three seasons. He played two seasons when he came to José Mourinho's bench and brought Mesuta Özil's player. Van der Vaart assumed the role of substitution when the agent from English Totteham called the last day of the transfer period. "I decided in two hours, I started evaluating everything, I just woke up … Suddenly, my phone rang, it was 17:40, my lawyer called. He told me that I had to decide at this time. I thought for a fraction of a second: "All right, do it," " reminded Van der Vaart of the bizarre transfer circumstances in England for FourFourTwo.

Van der Vaart tries to prevent Iniesta from winning the World Cup 2010 Winning Goal (twitter)

Rafael was in Tottenham and returned to Hamburger. Later in Betis and Midtjylland in Seville, he was already worried about the injury, in Esbjerg, where he started this summer, he did not pay. "I just had to close it. I did not come here to rehabilitate, but I'm playing football. Fun looks different, and that's what I want to do, have fun. I wanted to become a football guy, unfortunately, this is not the case. " informed about the end of 35-year-old spielmacah on Sunday, the Dutch De Telegraaf: "At this point I can only be grateful for those years. I played against and against the best players in the world at the most beautiful stadiums. I had a career I did not even feel like a boy. "

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