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The number of reproductive infections eventually dropped to more than one

Yesterday, 1,767 new infections were reported in Slovenia. Another 23 patients with Kovid-19 have died and the latest estimates put the number of active patients in the country at around 23,890. The government has decided to extend the outbreak declaration from January 17 to 60 days, and has renewed many of the existing anti-crown restrictions.

On the other hand, the government has opened dry cleaners, and some changes have been made in crossing the border for two landlords or two tenants across the border, and a negative negative speed test is valid if a person wants to enter Slovenia without quarantine. Under the new, the speed test should not be older than 24 hours by adding the sprue. A negative test now breaks the quarantine at home no matter the time.

At the Government News Conference in the morning, the guests acted as the Hospital Bed Coordinator of the Ministry of Health. Dr. Robert Carota, Dina Potsa From the Health Inspector’s Office and the Deputy Inspector General of Police Thomas Pejak.

As you can see from their statement video:

According to a government spokesman Jelka Kachina Yesterday, there were 204 infections in Lublana, 92 in Maribor, 41 in Selje, 31 in Centjour, 30 in Valenzue, 24 in Alec, 36 in Novo Mesto, 20 in Arnomelz, 47 in Kroko, 47 in Dromval. 39, 39 in Compode, 39 in Medway, 39 in Compode 42, Radovljika 18, Circleja 16, Troyk, Patuj 21, Gornji Radgoni 18, Nova Gorica 33, Postojna 13, Idrija 13 and Murska Sobota 20.

The average seven-day infection for Slovenia is 1530, but it is still a turning point in the transition to the Red Zone, and the release of action according to the government’s plan is still a long way off. It has been implicated in 1350 infected people.

Data on the current number of reproductive infections are more positive. According to Kekin, it eventually dropped to No. 1, which means that an infected person usually infects less than one person. The current number is 0.91.

“We must act as if we were infected,” the government spokesman warned again. “Especially according to meteorologists, it will be very good before the weekend.” He added that the British version of the new corona virus was spreading more rapidly and had already been detected near Slovenia.

“Therefore, here is a special call to all those who, for work or other permitted exceptions, are constantly crossing the border to wear a mask, distancing themselves from others and not socializing with each other. Pay attention to every symptom and warn the staff where you came from during the test.

Photo: Warren Vogel / Work

Photo: Warren Vogel / Work

The number of hospital admissions is on the rise again

Based on several other positive figures about the epidemiological picture of Slovenia, the hospital bed coordinator of the Ministry of Health said, “Perhaps we can only see a way out. Robert Carota. He was more optimistic that the number of hospital admissions had been rising again in recent days, and that January projections would require about 1,500 beds for the third wave. “The most difficult thing is the staffing issue,” he reiterated. This is especially true for intensive care. No reserves, current staff tired.

According to Carrotta, the situation in Slovenian hospitals is unchanged, with 1,200 to 1,300 hospital admissions in the second consecutive month. According to the latest data, 1,266 patients are being treated in hospitals, 22 more than the previous day. The highest number of patients in intensive care beds due to Covid-19 was 210 in Slovenia on Christmas Day. Now 199 of them need this type of treatment.

The number of testers increased with PKP7

Dina Potsa.  Photo: Jur Erson / Delo

Dina Potsa. Photo: Jur Erson / Delo

According to Dina Pots, investigators conducted 4,176 tests to control the epidemic from Jan. 4 to 10. He imposed 19 misdemeanor sanctions, 452 warnings under the Evil Act and enforced 104 administrative actions.

With the adoption of PKP7 before the end of last year, the recruitment of supervisors has increased, the inspector said. For the most part, they are already active. The health inspector himself conducted 1,290 tests and imposed four misdemeanor sanctions, 76 warnings and three administrative actions. There have been 150 inspections in the food and beverage industry, including two misdemeanor sanctions and 14 warnings. 564 tests were performed on other services. They imposed two misdemeanor sanctions and 30 warnings. 339 tests were performed on the outer surface and 33 warnings were issued. They inspected 237 residential buildings and issued two warnings.

In a test that took place a little wider than last week, Potsa highlighted the case of a hairstyle with an area of ​​more than 60 square meters. There are eight clients kneeling at the same time, each assigned at least 30 square meters. Fines were followed for the legal and responsible person.

After receiving the report, police went to a restaurant in Mosirje to have a New Year’s party. During the test, the bar was closed and darkened, the blinds lowered but there were still visible people inside. According to Potse, the notice of guilt will soon be received in the mailbox of the legal and responsible person.

For example, in religious matters, the examiner did not find any violations, but found that the pastors were well aware of those practices. Tests were also conducted at Krvavec, Pohorje and Kranjska Gora ski resorts. The sealing of the Crawfish ski resort resonated after the government ordered the closure of the ski slopes at Christmas, but investigators also seized the ski school on one of the ski slopes.

The Board of Inquiry is already overseeing the implementation of the vaccine in Slovenia, which is currently a priority. Potsa said investigators were surprised by the findings but did not provide specific information. However, she vowed to regain control of the city limits next weekend.

“Avoid the crowd during the winter fairy tale”

Thomas Pejak.  Photo: Lujo Vucallic / Delo

Thomas Pejak. Photo: Lujo Vucallic / Delo

Deputy Inspector General of Police Tomas Pejak said police conducted inspections at 45,132 locations during the three weeks from December 24 to yesterday. They issued 1,198 errors and 1,773 warnings. The worst lation borrowings took place on Saturday, January 9, which was also due to good weather.

Republike Trg enjoyed at yesterday’s protest lublānā ōṣaṇayēdī Ulla lations revision more than 200 were discovered by the police. 118 violations under the new Meeting Act, temporary partial mobility restraining order and ban on assembling persons 96 violations of loans due to the new Corona virus infection epidemic, law and order violation lations under the ID and Identity Cards Act They found six nagging lations.

During the winter fairy tale, Pejak pointed out that the Order of Recreation allows you to cross urban borders within the region, but this can cause traffic jams or chaos in many parking lots. He politely asked not to choose the places where the largest crowd should expect. However, those who do not recreate within their statistical realm can actually expect.

An additional reason to cancel the exit, for example, Kranjka Gora, will be Golden Fox this weekend, as it is known, will take place without an audience. Control will be tightened at Hrušica’s motorcycle division.

Peajak announced that police officers could propose to the medical profession to reduce or eliminate this exception if the congestion warning is not implemented.

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