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The price of optical voltage systems has dropped sharply.  It opens up an opportunity for companies to easily invest in solar parks.
The price of optical voltage systems has dropped sharply. It opens up an opportunity for companies to easily invest in solar parks.

By investing in a photovoltaic garden, companies can secure their future electricity supply at a fixed price, contribute to the energy transformation of society, and signal to consumers that they are actively working to increase sustainability.

– Companies have long been generous with putting their name on the field and on sports teams. This opens up a new opportunity to show their environmental commitment and sustainable thinking. Jonas Helander, Acting CEO of Solar Cells, says that it has enormous marketing value that benefits the company’s business.

Solar energy is expanding rapidly in Sweden and especially in the world. This means that the price of solar cells has fallen sharply at a time when research and development have had a high impact.

Not surprisingly, the International Energy Agency (IEA) recently named solar energy the new king of the global electricity market in its latest report.

Unlike coal, oil and natural gas, it is not over. After the construction phase, Solel has minimal environmental impact, efficiency is quiet, panel-wise and the finished solar system is virtually maintenance-free, thus reducing operating costs.

Solar cells – the energy solution of the future

So far most of the discussions about solar panels have been about small facilities that homeowners or companies install on their roofs. Companies now have the opportunity to invest as full or co-owners of simple or large photovoltaic gardens.

– The fact that a company is building its own optical voltage garden shows that you are part of something new and actively participating in the energy transition. There are also combined advantages in building a new energy product, such as solar energy being the fastest and cheapest energy. Solar energy is a good complement to Sweden’s electricity, and is largely powered by wind, hydropower and nuclear power, says Jonas Helander.

Electricity prices in Sweden can vary greatly, depending on the supply and demand of a market with hundreds of players. This uncertainty factor can be costly for companies.

With their own solar garden the price will be significantly stable.

– Many people are worried that the price of electricity will go up. It can be unpredictable and difficult to plan your business. With your own photo voltage garden, you save a portion of your consumption on long-term fixed electricity prices. Because you know what the cost of the plant will be over time.

– An arrangement made with a solar cell contractor like ours and an electrical trading company can give us a long term stable electricity price. It will benefit the company’s operations.

EnergiEngagemang has extensive knowledge and experience in building large solar parks. Among other things, the company has built Sweden’s largest solar park on the E20 outside the city of Strangnas. It consists of 41,600 solar panels that supply electricity to tenants’ associations in HSB Sodermanland.

– This provision is especially suitable for companies with small branches or operations where it is not appropriate to build photovoltaic systems on existing roofs. He says there are plenty of vacant low-produc-producing farmland that could be used to the advantage of building a large solar garden.

Great PR value with a sun garden

For a company, a photovoltaic garden has a great marketing value that benefits the business.

– If you build a solar park on a motorcycle, it creates a visual impression for travelers. It will be like a big billboard that shows the company is part of an energy transition to a more sustainable society and that they are working for the future, says Jonas Hollander.

Although an optical voltage system requires a high initial investment cost, it is expected to recoup the cost in a much shorter period of time than the voltage garden lifetime.

– The payback period for an optical voltage park is more than 10 years, but the park is viable for at least 35 years. What you need to keep in mind is that if you do nothing at all, you will be left with an uncertain electricity cost. There is also a price to be paid for indifference. He concludes that a company can create security with an optical voltage system.

Fakta EnergiEngagemang

EnergiEngagemang has its roots in Sormland but installs photovoltaic systems throughout Sweden. Since its inception in 2012, they have been one of Sweden ‘s leading solar cell installers for agriculture, industry, real estate companies and the BRF. EnergiEngagemang is a Swedish energy agency certified solar energy company registered with the Swedish Electrical Safety Agency and de Gazelle for the second year in a row.


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