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Leslie Burns: Has Hardship to Hold The Role

"Leslie Tay looks pretty good today, but Berg does not seem to have found a new dramatist except for Sevdah's who stood up and looked." Malin Krutmeijer sees the resumption of "Leslie the boy who will laugh" (2008).

Leslie Tay.picture: Doc Lounge

Leslie burns

BIO. DOCUMENTARY. Sweden, 2018. Director: Stefan Berg. S: Leslie Tay, Silvana Imam, Famusa Bajo. Allowed. Length: 1.30.

With talent and hard work you can come wherever you come. So this is a powerful credo in our culture. It gives hope and motivation, but it is also romantic and ideological. In reality, the relationship between individual and social structure is more complex.

But we love the miraculous and mythology around them: those who will love them and the talent to rise from the toughest environments. And Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Or Leslie Tay.

At least, director Stefan Berg decided to show the musicians from Seveda, Sofielund in this way, and that is also so that Leslie Tay likes to talk about herself. He was "the most complex," but he succeeded in all his efforts.

Stefan Berg followed him since he was a boy in three films, two of them with Tay in the middle.

"Leslie – The Guy Who Will Grow" (2008) was a sensitive portrait of a tireless teenager who felt bad at school, but better to write songs and rap.

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In "Leslie Brinner" is approaching thirty, moved to Stockholm and became a successful producer and songwriter in the R & B genre. We follow him for prizes and events, in the studio, as a guest artist and when I cook at Silvani I have at home in my kitchen.

He is full and does not seek time to work with his own debut album. It is a conflict around which the film is developing. The other theme is old Leslie and a new one: a powerful house and a serious artist. This is manifested by the fact that the old movie clips, not less than the previous film, are wrapped in. It is a bit tedious and also gives a little big impression of filling.

Leslie Tay looks pretty good today, but it seems that Berg did not find a new dramatist except for Sevdah who stood up and looked.

It's a pity because Tay is a charming and intelligent, and conscious musician. For example, I would like to hear him developing what Eve Dahlgren is – an unexpected idol for a young artist and artist – who loves so much.

In short, "Leslie Burns" does not have the same power as the previous film. On the other hand, this must be considered part of a longer project and story of a human being that I hope Stefan Berg has not finished yet.

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