Tuesday , July 27 2021

What is the difference between Kai government's dictatorship and martial law?

Wa Beyuan's point of view: Kau's government's dictatorship and martial law

"The executive floor of the executive announced that the citizenship of the Taiwanese population would be granted licenses in the future in order to open a residence permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwanese residents, thereby creating a constitutional unquestioning suspicion. The Cai government, which has always been emphasized by the government for physically challenging the distinction between statutory or fulfilled constitutional rights, will be based on public opinion based on public opinion based on public opinion in the future on "the Chinese constitution of the Republic." Work with central relationships with the "relationships across Taiwanese Straits". Issuing a residence permit and giving a "partial national treatment" to the Taiwanese and Taiwanese students is a good way for the applicant to have a more comfortable life. However, "the enjoyment of semi-national treatment" does not mean that it is mainly classified as "national" and is more than a "sensitive nervous system" that relates to the Kai government, limiting the citizenship of the people and not punishing their own people Benghazi will be punished for punishing "Natives", mainly those who work hard, educate or live in taiwan, but they can be extreme people On September 1, 2018, Chiang Mai's state-owned counting centers in Fujian (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) have been issued residence permits for Hong Kong, McCain and Taiwan (Cairo news network) Sai-ing-van "Thousands of the Constitution of the Republic of China" There is a frequency definition, but the ruler who can decide to "refuse regent" and "Taiwan's independence" Even though it is a full-fledged ruling party, the DSP, humbly acting on the US and the Continent, does not change or modify the national flag's constitutional content, country code, and the scope of the country's territory, abolish the rules on KCDI, eliminate MAC removal Should not be. Careful consideration of external factors has deprived the statutory right granted to citizens and can not be handled with the HSPA's main area of ​​the hoots, restoring self-family "dysfunction" and creating classic creations. Rather than allowing the naming and decaying of democracy, the Kai government may sometimes approve the "temporary arrangements for mobilizing troubles". Of course, the high-pressure political system, the country where the main land …

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