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Apple Iconsiam launches the first Apple Store in Thailand

Apple Iconsiam, the first official Apple Store in Thailand, is located at Iconsaam on the Chao Phraya River. It was officially opened today (November 10, 2018), with the attention of the users who waited in the morning.

the trip

Since Iconsiam's new shopping center on the magnificent November 9, 2018, the past organized a free car and boat. Facilitate the consumer. Both tourists and Thai and foreigners completely.

Thanks to Prachachart's photo.

The trip I chose was to drive BTS to Saphan Taksin station. Then come down to Sathorn Pier. I hope you use free shipping. (Personally, this is the most convenient way for me, because Iconsiam is not open to traffic conditions that can endure as the first day.)

In the past, I was concerned that it would be confused with other ships. I have to tell the staff. Use the same wait point as Asiatique (pictured below).

Since I'm 9 am, so many people are not. Wait a few minutes to get on the boat. The Iconsiam comes at a glance. As comfortable as possible.

Apple Iconsiam

When I arrived at Iconsiam Pier (about 9:15), I went to Apple Iconsiam to go to the special passage that the staff gave. (Since it was time before the official opening of Iconsiam)

When it comes to the top of a beautiful view of the Chao Phraya River. There seems to be a long list of people who are interested and coming in order before the morning. Some people said they waited from 6 to 7 am in the morning.

Even people will be crowded. But what I think Apple is doing well is managing and coping with so many people. Many strangers are waiting to talk to strangers. And the staff is waiting for permission to photograph people roaring in the movie that Apple will make. (As far as I can see, authorities have asked for permission for those who were placed at that time.)

Another thing that can be considered a great advantage is the view of the Chao Phraya River large and beautiful. This makes it easier for people who are in line to photograph the atmosphere around them.

Experience the first Apple Store in your life. "A lot of energy"

This is where Apple is able to create enthusiastic power for those who are waiting. Many cameras that maintain the atmosphere of work. Employees who are constantly interacting with users. And using body symbols like applause and welcome. People who came up and felt involved in launching Apple Iconsiam. These are not just participants.

Even in the rain. But everyone is well-intentioned.

Wow! Have you met IT ITS "Chattva Vichet Chatchavalwong" as host channel 3 (offline unfortunately. The picture may not be clear.

When the door opens. Long lines are moving fast. Do not let people wait long. The staff stood in the line beside the door. High Five celebrates joy and applauds all who come to Apple Iconsiam, which creates positive energy for visitors.

Have a gift box with offline. Within Apple Iconsiam (made in USA), Apple Iconsiam magnets and Apple Iconsiam labels.

Apple Iconsiam is designed and decorated in Apple style, elegance, comfort, eyes and nature with greenery, the look is symmetrical. And the lighting is really suitable for photography.

Apple's product is available to those who try it, try it together with many employees. Different nationality Keep calm. XS, XS, XR, Apple Watch Series 4, iPad Pro (2018), MacBook and more.

Other accessories are also full. It's like Apple fans who have the right flavor. And do not wait to order online.

But with those who come to Apple Iconsiam today, there are a lot (really, really stuck in all parts of the store) so staff sometimes serve customers. But I still appreciate the readiness, patience, enthusiasm and consistency of the entire staff at Apple Iconsiam.

Various sessions

One of Apple's most important items, Iconsiam is the training Apple has provided to those interested in joining freely in order to make the most of it. You can click on the link below to see the schedule and sign up for the session. Every day there will be an interesting session.

Zvijezda Iconsiam

However, Apple Iconsiam is today one of the most diverse areas of the Iconians, as well as those in the surrounding area. Apple Iconsiam can be easily seen because it occupies space for two layers ever.

Not only did the outer area become an interesting place for photographers. And sit well.

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