Monday , April 12 2021

ASUS launches the ROG phone price at 29,900 with Aero Active Cooler

After launching at Computex in the middle of last year, ASUS Thailand today launched ROG, the first smartphone company in Thailand.

The specification can be read from startup. Interest is software, as the ROG phone comes with additional games, such as X Mode, which automatically adjusts chip clock speed to 2.96GHz and Genie Gaming. Customizable buttons for macros, including playback time with other accessories.

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Read the article here. The preview section will be available soon.

ROG phone with 8GB RAM and 128GB RAM capacity 512GB and 512GB RAM The price is 34,990 Baht with Aero Active Cooler. Via Shopee and will be released November 23 and December, but can be tested by retailers such as IT City, JIB and Advice.

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For those who order the first 512GB capacity, the first 60 people will receive a free GameVice worth 3.290 baht with a free Shopee Coins 500 baht.

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Finally, accessories sold separately, the GameVice and Professional Dock worth 3.290 baht are available in December. Or to buy a set of accessories for everyone. The ROG bag was sold at a price of 32,990 baht through Shopee in December, as well.

No descriptionSee all the additions in the article.

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