Tuesday , January 26 2021

2 GB Internet Gift Business from Turk Telecom

Turk Telecom has announced that it will offer 2 GB of weekly internet rewards to those who register their credit card in the online transaction application for transactions such as TL loading and package purchases.

Turkey’s largest mobile operator Turkish TelecomA mobile app that allows users to make their own transactions without having to go to branches or make phone calls. Online transactions Started a new business for.

According to a statement made by Turk Telecom, the payment will be made to expedite payment transactions such as TL loading and package purchase. Those who registered the credit card for the first time in the application Turk Telecom Prepaid Line Owners, Weekly 2 GB mobile internet gift will be. Gifts online will automatically define customers who register their credit card.

“Our goal is to get more users to benefit from this service.”

Turk Telecom Online Transactions

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Yeshim Ara, Director, Mobile Services, Turk Telecom, commented on the campaign. “With the integration of credit cards in our online transaction app, our customers can easily complete their transactions with a single touch. With the 2 GB internet gift we give, our customers While enriching the mobile experience Our goal is to get more users to benefit from this service Used publications.

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