Tuesday , January 26 2021

Hassan Kartal’s Oulkan Shalayan Statement – Shaikhur Rispore News

In the final letter of the contract, Riceport has the right to extend for a period of up to 1 year. Within the framework of this contract, it is not appropriate to meet the athlete on the last day. We used the option last day. Our athlete ended his contract and Ricepore went into bad times. This child going is not ethical, it is not right as a contract. Those who talk about the contract should read the contract first. There is a legal process. We have to conform to it. It will reach the result in 1-2 months. Nothing to say. Relevant authorities are interested. Those who make the speech should first read the last letter of the contract.

“Galatasaray asked us for a document, but right?”

A large club in Galatasaray. The two clubs will sit and talk. They asked us for a document, but we did not hand it over? Study their lessons carefully and allow them to speak that way. Otherwise, they stay in the classroom. We sought our rights. We are the club manager. If we do not do this, those behind us will ask for an account.

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