Saturday , May 8 2021

Presence of Pension Hilal Altınbilek

Hilal Altinbilek, who gave life to the character Züleyha in the Cukurova series, was much talked about the scenes in which he loved Engin Akyurek. He said.


One by one, Züleyha from the Cukurova series, Hilal Altunbilek, honestly confessed to the scenes of love. Hilal Altinbilek is an event in the series and the most demanding stage of the scene, said: "I think the scene of love for Demir is the hardest thing, but you love someone else, I was very impressed and concerned, and I was talking to our director and the production company, gave me a lot of relief at this stage. Imin also said of her aesthetic claims about the actor: I just made my teeth.

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