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What is Limfoma? What are the symptoms and treatment methods of Lymphoma?


Lymphoma, lymph nodes and lymphatic system cancers. The two main types are Hodgkin and Sonkins. Hodgkin is very common. The main symptom of the disease is the pathogenic nasal infections that are not lost after infection. There is no way to prevent Lymphoma, but the survival rate is good after treatment.

Near Dr. East Hospital Dr. East Ind. Gönül Işık provided information on the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Dr. Gonul Isik Sahli "is a common name for pathogenic tissue, with normal cells spreading for a long time and with long-term survival relative to normal normal lymphocytes. Liipiprazide cells usually have lymphocytitis, lymphatic tone, sprain, bone gas, large lymphomas The two groups are divided into two groups: Hodgkin's Lymphoma and the other non-native Lymphoma What next. Hojkingē know exactly why limfōmayē. Can be treated.

Why Liform?

The causes of HL and HDL are unclear, but not infected. HDLs have been identified as having some risk factors. The first patients with EBV or HTLV, infected with some viruses, have found that some of the patients with HDL disorders are in contact with their chemicals.
Symptoms of lymphoma

Talk about the symptoms of the disease. Foon Ishik Salley; The first complaint often involves the neck pain. In the Hodgkin limymoma, this disorder is particularly visible on the left side of the clavicle. It can also develop in church and uterine areas. In the inside of the shoulder or inside the abdominal cavity can develop. If they have a large mass, they will suffocate by breathing, face and neck, or stomach pain, fingers, and abdominal pain. Physical examination can be revealed from the liver or hearing volume. This disease can keep eggplant noodles from the outer tissues. Lungs, liver, bone, and bone marrow are the most common places in the numbers that do not match. Coverage prevention Initially, 5-10% can have external relationships. Some patients may develop symptoms of a lymphoma and are characterized by detailed symptoms. Over the past six months, body weight is over 10%, includes night sweats and weight loss. Fever does not develop from fever. Systemic symptoms are not specific to these diseases. Hodgkin limymoma can also cause itching. When Hodgkins Lymphoma sends a drink to a person, it is a barrage of illness. It is commonly used in Non-Toothless Hodgkin Lymphoma. Lymphoma in Lymphoma does not appear in patients with Limafadneemali. He explained further.

Lifopaia Diognosia

Dr. Filial Ishike Sally, said: "In an affected area, Lymphoma is required to identify the Bypass, and diagnostic tests determine the exact diagnosis." "If the kidney cavity or the abdomen is spread inside the abdomen, the doctor should be sure that the uterine should be removed, the kidney should be transplanted under the kidney hole or abdominal cavity, and the post mortem should be carried out to prevent this disease. It is important to determine the history, physical examination, images and laboratory findings The best treatment plan can be cured, or ēkaya. The disease is characterized by a risk of lymph nodes, fever, night sweating, weight loss Intrigued, kæsīmayi.

"Nork & Seat Results"

Dr. Gonul Isik Sahli, "The most common symptom of this disease is that of eggplant, fever, weight loss and spinach in the neck and urticaria of the uterus." There are not many people with specialist complaints. If there are evidence of Lymphoma, a complete physical examination should be carried out and should be performed with abdominal and cancer testing. He said the test should be done.

Liforma treatment

Information on the treatment of Lymphoma; Funicular Ishika Salley; Treatment of lymphoma should be performed in radiotherapy and chemotherapy. According to the patient's situation, it is necessary to make a proper procedure for selecting a treatment method. The therapeutic estimate of each patient, such as chemotherapy, abdominal, histological tomography, and bone biopsy, were confirmed. Should be examined with a large lymphoma in the abdomen. Hodgkin's treatment of lymphoma is an early radiation therapy. When the disease is more complicated, it should be applied in combined chemotherapy methods such as ABTD, MOPP.

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