Monday , January 25 2021

Arab country has more than half a million corona virus patients … Look at the incidence of infections and deaths in Arab countries

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The death toll from the rising corona virus (Covid 19) worldwide has risen to more than 1.9 million, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. Worldwide, since China reported the first case to the World Health Organization in December 2019.

Globally, the United States has the highest death toll in the world at 21 million and the death toll at 365,000.

At the Arab level, Iraq ranks first in the number of coronavirus infections and deaths, bringing the total number of patients in Iraq to 600,000, up from 12.8 thousand, and Morocco in second place in the number of infections, bringing the number to 448 thousand. Saudi Arabia reports 363,000 patients. In the information above, look at the ranking of the top ten Arab countries in the number of infections and deaths caused by the corona virus.

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