Monday , January 25 2021

Corona doubles the pressure on people with disabilities

The Qatar Association for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities, in collaboration with the Primary Health Care Corporation, organized a Psychological Awareness Lecture on “Mental Health for Persons with Special Needs in the Corona Crisis and Their Families. Conducted by Scientologist Hajar Al-Omari. At the Psychological Support Clinic at Al-Wajba Health Center.

The lecture discussed several aspects of mental health, stress and mental health issues that are expected to happen to people with disabilities and their families during the corona crisis.
His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Thani Al Thani, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Association for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Special Needs, emphasized the importance of mental health for persons with disabilities and the Association’s interest in mental health and mental rehabilitation for persons with disabilities. Achieving Objectives and Achieving Rehabilitation Objectives. The lecture came for people with disabilities in Qatari society, and said the association’s interest in addressing the psychological aspects of people with disabilities in the face of the Corona crisis, that it doubles the stress on people with disabilities and their families, and that it bears the burden of protecting and caring for their children. And protect children from disease. People with disabilities increase the burden, responsibility and effort expended on them.

Mr. Talib Afifa, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association, handles the keynote and the topic of the lecture and covers the various causes of possible or anticipated psychological problems among persons with disabilities, how to overcome the effects of those problems and how to prevent them. Praised the ending and resolving them if they happened. Praising the outstanding and continued collaboration between the Health Sector, Extension Awareness and Mental Health Association and the Primary Health Care Corporation for the benefit of persons with disabilities, their families and society in general, while developing appropriate practical solutions and making significant scientific changes in all areas.

Psychological Counselor Dr. Tariq Al-Esawi explained that continuous psychological support programs for people with disabilities and their families are provided free of charge by counseling to the association’s headquarters or by direct telephone calls, and the objectives of the programs that activate psychological support for people with disabilities and their families. And explained that one of the priorities of the plans. Throughout the year, various workshops, lectures and seminars, a special team for various needs, special needs and psychological support for them, and in addition to continuous training in areas that provide psychological support to workers in the disability sector providing various services to persons with disabilities in various government facilities In addition to the association. Publications on mental support and mental health for people with disabilities.

Professor Hajar al-Omari was the keynote speaker at the event, which was attended by a large number of specialists and parents, following the news that shows the number of infections, deaths and coronavirus developments worldwide, which are the most significant psychological problems faced by people with disabilities and their families during the corona crisis. Because of the anxiety caused by the exaggeration. Emerging “Kovid 19” cares about the disease, especially among those who do not rely on news from its official and trusted sources, in the event of inconsistencies and unequal information from various sources, to minimize exposure, especially through the media, to maintain good and balanced mental health Explained that. Social media contains a large number of misleading, misleading and misleading news, and in addition to getting good sleep and a healthy and balanced diet, engaging in good and regular physical activity, these steps reduce stress and mood. And emphasizes that the mood will improve. Focusing on health and hygiene, disinfection, drinking water, hygiene measures required for homework and continuous activities to engage in indoor activities, to correct their negative behaviors and to empty their energies of useful things that contribute to their recreation and all of their family Encourage children and people with disabilities to create an atmosphere of cooperation and happy family communication by involving members, especially adults, people with disabilities and children. All members of the family and society in a positive way, minimizing health problems and contributing to a healthier society.

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