Monday , January 25 2021

In the video, Al-Ahli meeting scenes, production and audience reception by Waleed Suleiman

In the seventh round of the Premier League Football Championship, al-Ahli and Military Production competition footage was revealed by sports journalist Mohammed Abu Ali, who won by four goals to one.

After the first half, Abu Ali spoke about the reaction of the fans who came to Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium and their response to the brilliance of Waleed Suleiman.

After winning the match, Abu Ali spoke about the reason for changing the pizza for five players, as well as al-Ahli’s preparation for the next clash, the date of the meeting and the opposing team.

Al-Ahly Club’s first football team coach Pitzo Mosimane said the team had achieved their goals in the seventh round of the Military Production Competition in the Premier League on Tuesday.

Speaking to the media, Musimani added, “Although there were some mistakes in passing the last third on the pitch, al-Ahli was in a good position to be safe, the same was true on the pitch and the team’s strikers decided to score four goals and win the game.”

The coach explained that there was no expectation of time for the game to be scored, and that the first four matches he played with the team after taking over the job that Al-Ahli used to score in the first half, there was no crisis in scoring in the second half. That this is the case, and Ward must admit it.

The technical director emphasized that he would focus on getting points from regular strikes in training and exploiting this aspect in his conversations with players.

He pointed out that rival teams study al-Ahli as well as how he plays and moves well, but al-Ahli seeks to diversify the sport by scoring points from permanent strikes.

As happened with Saad Sameer in the last match, Muzimani confirmed that he was trying through the changes to give a chance to some players who were not physically ready, as Rami changed Badr Bannon to allow Rabia to be armed. Protecting him from corona and Hamdi Fathi instead and avoiding exposure to stress, especially since he has played mainly in recent competitions.

Al-Ahly’s coach said he was trying to improve the physical condition of some players, so they were all in the same physical condition before the World Cup and before the start of the team stage in the African Champions League.

He added that he knew the changes before the match, informed the substitutes of the time and minutes they played, and was not surprised that the players left the field.

Pitzo Mozimනේn ended his remarks with Al-Ahly’s victory, in addition to arming the players, especially those who were not physically ready due to their absence in the recent past.

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