Monday , January 25 2021

Qualcomm’s new fingerprint reader on a larger and faster screen

Qualcomm’s new fingerprint reader on a larger, faster screen

To grow / Exaggerated image of the Qualcomm sensor. It’s not that big.


Qualcomm Introduces New Screen Fingerprint Sensor for Smartphones, “Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor General 2”. Qualcomm says the ultrasound fingerprint sensor is “available at 50% and 77% newer sizes than the first generation,” but it still looks very small compared to the fingerprint. Just as the Gen 1 version appeared on the Galaxy S10 and S20, you have a good chance of seeing the same sensor on the upcoming Galaxy S21.

The fingerprint reader on the screen can be fast, accurate and reliable, and it can be confusing if they reach their center. Underneath a smooth and flat glass window, there is no visible direction of where your finger should stick. First-generation fingerprint readers were too small and required precision sensors. The fingerprint reader on the screen is big enough not to miss it, even without looking it would be a huge improvement and we have seen companies talking about such a product but no one has sold it.

In December 2019, Qualcomm announced the creation of a massive fingerprint reader with the announcement of the “3D Sonic Max”. 30 mm x 20 mm. With a rechargeable surface area, it feels like a revolution. It is large so you can scan two fingerprints on either side. I don’t think you want to do this at all, but it never is. Don’t miss the scanning area, Sonic Max 3D has yet to see a commercial launch as it is large, but Qualcomm tells us it will ship a product before the end of 2021.

Qualcomm's first generation sensor on the Galaxy S10 with fingerprints.  The S20 had the same sensor.
To grow / Qualcomm’s first generation sensor on the Galaxy S10 with fingerprints. The S20 had the same sensor.

Ron Amdao

The cumulative change will bring more customers to Qualcomm as manufacturers drag their feet with a jump larger than the size of a fingerprint reader. I rubbed my fingertips. 14 x 14 mm. Measuring only 8mm x 8mm, this second-generation version I still don’t call the “full fingerprint” sensor, but now has a larger vertical target. The Qualcomm art above exaggerates the scale of the sensor relative to the finger, which shows that I have a mm. 20 x 20mm is what is going to measure close to the sensor.

It’s important to note that Qualcomm doesn’t have a lot of work to do for fingerprint readers Cain at the moment. Every smartphone company on the planet uses a Qualcomm modem, and Android OIMs ship a large number of Qualcomm Soak products, and there are one or more companies that offer Qualcomm fingerprint readers: Samsung. The majority of Android devices typically use on-screen fingerprint readers from Goodix or Synaptics rather than Qualcomm’s solution.

But when it comes to Samsung, it looks like the Galaxy S21 launched this week will have this fingerprint reader. Samsung leaked online last month The icy universe The fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S21 is ultrasonic and measures 8 x 8 mm, which is in line with the specifications announced by Qualcomm today. After the release of Qualcomm’s first generation fingerprint sensor in 2019 and 2020, the upgrade of the fingerprint sensor was far behind the Galaxy line.

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