Tuesday , January 26 2021

Alexander Tupitsky, KSU chief resting in the United Arab Emirates – photo

KSU chief Alexander Tupitsky is reportedly resting at a resort in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Relevant information was published in the Telegram Channel Card Office.

“Alexander Tupitsky, Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, spends the weekend at the Royal Villa in Dubai,” the statement said.

The villa is located in Kempinski Palm Jumeirah and costs more than 300,000 UAH per day.

Following the release of this information, the channel’s foot readers called for evidence that Cain Tupitsky was actually in the UAE.

In response, the Telegram released several photos.

As previously reported, on January 6, journalist Sergei Leshchenko announced that Tupitsky had left Ukraine.

Earlier, President Volodymyr Selensky, after a NSDC meeting, decided to remove him from the post of head of KSU.

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