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Efrozinine showed a photo in a sophisticated swimsuit from the rest of the Emirate

Masha Efrosinina (photo:

Masha Efrosinina (photo:

Efrozinine noted that within her – "a little love"

Masha Efrosinina continues to adore fans of online instagram with rich pictures from her incredible vacation. Remember that after attending the Dance with the Stars, recording a few blogs and giving motifs in different cities of Ukraine, Ephrosinine and her friends went to the United Arab Emirates.

Here it should be noted: Judging by the messages of the leader, her holiday has already ended, and will soon be in Kiev again. But why not share your memories?

On new photographs, Ukrainian television director puts in a luxurious indoor black swimsuit with open shoulders and is adorned with the market's edges along the edge.

Efrozinine has supplemented its summer look with trendy accessories for this season – a cardboard print spark. Like stylish pointed glasses with thin frames.

"Inside, love and a little champagne," he briefly signed the picture of Ephrosin.

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Mysterious Masha Efrosinina (photo:

By the way, earlier Masha Efrosinina has shown juicy photos of the rest of the Emirates.

Host lovers have stressed that their repressive pet looks wonderful.

"Such a quiet and inspiring photo, you're awesome!" – note pollardi_boudoir.

"You have an amazingly beautiful swimsuit," says nastiysha_sun.

"Yak for you is all for lichit! Maya on the promise of love and champagne vserediní", – delighted by the malulka.

"Champagne is always beautiful! How sophisticated you look," agrees daneliako.

"Sunny, Nice Vacation, Beautiful Masha," comments nadezhda_vsebudedobre.

"A pretty girl, and it seems to be in a swimsuit, but there is no vulgarity like some with open priests," writes avetisyanasya, suggesting Olga Polyakov, who showed completely naked photos of the others in the Maldives.

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Screenshot of comments:

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Masha Efrosinina "height =" 647 "src =" "width =" 650 "

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Refined Masha Efrosinina (photo:

Earlier, Ephrosinine showed a new light "Pyaterochku". This time the blog is dedicated to the relationship between man and woman.

Masha Efrosinina: Biography (video: RBC-Ukraine)

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