Thursday , October 21 2021

Lil Ma only praises interim CEO of Hellrisers on the outcome of D2CLS3 Dota2


Ukrainian Sportsman Ilya makes me lonely Ilyuk Talked about second place Hill risers on a Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 3… He pointed out on Twitter that the team was able to reach the final two months after becoming the club’s acting CEO. Aldar Jamba Jambinov – Former Dota 2 manager at Hellrisers.

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Ilya makes me lonely Ilyuk
Ilya leaves me alone, Ilyuk:

“I came to a new position and immediately reached the final! How are you *** jamba_gg. “

July 21 Alexi Magic Slabukin He left his position as head of Hellrisers after five years at the club. Instead, Alder Zamba Zambinov became acting CEO. In August, the organization added and updated the updated Dota 2 list Roman Resolut1on in Forminoc, Maxim R1BL Afanasiev, Powell 9 Pasha Kvastunov, Bakit Sayak Emilshanov and Ilya makes me lonely Ilyuk.

The third match of the 2021 Dota 2 Champions League will be played from August 14 to September 15. The teams competed for a $ 50,000 prize fund V-Gaming Hellrisers beat 3-0. At the same time, HR played with a substitute in the tournament – Ilyuk was absent for family reasons and played instead Andrei is always Bondarenko… you can get acquainted with the composition of all the groups in the report.

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