Thursday , October 21 2021

Olga Orlova joked with Natasha Koroleva


At the end of the last century, two popular singers Olga Orlova and Natasha Orlova met at a party.

Natasha Koroleva. Photo: Global View Press

Over the weekend, renowned lawyer Ida Dostman and her husband hosted a grand reception to celebrate the Jewish majority of their son Yakov. The couple invited popular friends to a holiday at a modern metropolitan restaurant.

Among the guests were her family, Natasha Koroleva, Vladimir Vinokur, Stas Mikhailov, singer Also, Olga Orlova, host of “House-2” and other celebrities. At the celebration and Olga Busova’s ex-boyfriend and now host of “House-2” David Manukyan.

Olga Orlova shared a video of the microblogging story and captured her meeting with Natasha Koroleva. At first, Orlova pretended he had done something wrong and brazenly talked about the person who performed the popular song “Yellow Tulips”.

Behind the scenes, Olga Orlova says, “I can not be dissatisfied.” – I’m leaving the synagogue, so tell me, here’s my co – host, I wanted to tell you with some heifers. But I can’t say that! With beautiful women. “

“Not with some,” corrected Natasha Koroleva Olga Orlova. “And with the symbols of the youth of the whole generation.”

Remember that during the celebration Natasha Koroleva sang her indelible hit as a pair with Stas Mihailov.

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