Tuesday , July 27 2021

The regiment was again broken: an emergency situation with a Deputy Inspector General took place with the train at Uksalisania

Kherson-Lviv message on the 110th passenger train, a passenger train was installed, and the passenger was trying to get his place.

He has been co-founder of Fast Victor Gardona's State Control Co-owner and co-founder Urakisensiisi, a Facebook page that shared the relevant photos.

"Oku, my regiment broke down. Korsason No. 110 Cranson-Lievi, 14 cars," he writes. Garona warned that the passenger was on the passenger lane, but no one was injured as a result of an emergency.

In front of the head of the train and the electrician, he made a clarification and explanation of the incident.

"Although I tried to get out of my box, however, when I put my hands on the screws, I broke it," he wrote in the document.

According to the trainer explained by the trainer, the attachment chain was especially "a yoke pump."

OBOZREVATELEL wrote that the upper section of the pre-357K train had a Kie-Lerik train compartment. The 58-year-old woman was behind her, and she was in Pesticide and was in the hospital.

It is reported that the driver and the head of the train were affected by evaporation. On the second day, on the second day of the operation, an action was announced to the murderer: everything was arranged, and the passenger (woman) was fallen into a woman.

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