Thursday , October 21 2021

Ukrzaliznytsia humiliated – passengers complain about dangerous conditions


A Ukrasalisnitsia passenger on his way to Elvov from Kerson complained about the condition of the cart. In particular, he says the cart is old and dirty.

According to him, the train had nothing to breathe and was nailed to the seats.

“Walk like a king. The cabin is exactly my age, everything is old and dirty. The diesel engine is very old (72 years of production), smokes, there is nothing to breathe in the cart. The seats are rigid and from time to time. The passenger wrote that the diamonds are removed from the small melted diamonds, which makes your pants fashionable hipster thugs.

He added that the Ukrainian had no choice but to go there.

“However, we cover our ears with pieces of foam coming out of old window frames and we don’t argue,” the passenger complained.

For years, Ucersalisnitsia has been in crisis due to high management inefficiency and high levels of corruption. By the end of 2020, Urkalistism had incurred a loss of $ 12 billion in the UAE and was on the verge of default. According to experts, the infrastructure of Ursalisnitsia needs to be modernized.

Commenting, users are shocked about the conditions on the train “Ursalisnitsia”.

  • Terrible;
  • The train engine looks epic;
  • Rarity of some kind;
  • Glory to Heroes – Railway Servants;
  • I think it would be good with the train;
  • I haven’t seen this yet, that’s for sure. I don’t think so.

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