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A shocking price increase of up to 89% hit broadband users – who is the worst for it

Loyalty to broadband providers costs homes hundreds of pounds a year, according to a supervisor's report.

Consumer Champion Research Which? shows that most people work with their broadband provider for at least three years and can pay nearly 90% more than the new user.

On average, those who remain loyal pay 15% more than people who dared with cheap introductory offers.

TalkTalk has the most loyal clients of 12 major survey providers, with nearly nine in 10 resellers with a supplier for more than three years.

The average increase between the TalkTalk introductory offer price and the standard cost of broadband access after the end of the job is 15%.

But the biggest increase in prices is for Faster Fiber Speed ​​Boost, which grows 54% – from 25 pounds per month to 38.50 pounds – after the end of 18 months.

Alex Pridding from the comparison website said, "It boosts what we see over and over again, loyal customers pay a huge price to trust their service provider outside the terms of their contract.

"Service providers will only purge their works if their users start to vote with their feet and constrict their bottom line as they currently have a lot of money to be passive consumers."

How many more people pay

Seven out of ten people have difficulty making a budget
Seven out of ten people have difficulty making a budget

Eight in 10 BT buyers were also stuck with the service provider for at least three years, despite an average rate of 23% higher than the average introductory business.

The BTs standard broadband package increases from $ 24.99 to $ 32.99 after 18 months – an increase of 32%, which costs £ 96 more over the year.

The biggest one-time increase in prices was from Mail.

Its Unlimted Broadband package jumped from £ 15.90, the cheapest launch market, to £ 30 pct a month – 89% more than $ 169 pct a year.

Alex Neill, who? He said: "Broadband customers will be bitter to find that their loyalty award is often a significant increase in prices without improving the quality of the service they receive.

"Suppliers should struggle hard for your loyalty, and not take it for granted."

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What providers have to say for themselves

TalkTalk spokeswoman said, "We are determined to be honest with all users, we've already announced before and after signing up for contracts, as well as encouraging users to sign up for another business that guarantees no increased broadband access in mid-term contracts.

"Although we recognize that some users enjoy the flexibility to go at any time, we reward loyalty by giving big deals to those who are committed to staying with us."

BT spokeswoman said, "We fully agree that users should not pay too much for the service they receive, and we believe it is best to achieve clear communication with consumers about their capabilities. We work more than ever to be even clearer with our for example, when new users can benefit from promotional offers and very clearly what the price will be when this period is over. "

Spokeswoman Pošta says, "We always look at how best we can serve our customers, and we work with Ofcom to make sure their work around the industry approach at the end of the contract notice to ensure that they are useful to the users.

"Our goal is to provide a clear alternative to our major providers by offering UK Unlimited Broadband the lowest prices. We clearly signal our standard (non-contractual) sales prices to ensure that our customers can clearly see what they will pay during and after their contract before which switches. "

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