Saturday , April 17 2021

Amazon and Apple teamed up for their own vacation – quartz

Amazon and Apple have teamed up so consumers can now buy Apple products directly from Amazon, CNET reported on November 9th.

The agreement between the e-commerce div and the largest technology company in the world would be noticeable at any time of the year, but the fact that this happened in November speaks especially. The Western season of holiday shopping has just begun, and massive retail outlets such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday just two weeks away, Amazon has given customers another reason to turn to their place instead of facing massive crowds in brick and plaster shops .

Apple products were mostly available only from third-party vendors at Amazon, which means that the reliability of the delivery and the price of the product could vary. As part of the deal, only authorized Apple sellers or Apple will now be able to sell Apple or Beats products on Amazon. (Independent sellers must seek approval by January 4, 2019 or be removed, a blow to many independent computer service providers.) The new partnership applies to the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India and the products will be available in for the next few weeks.

Apple inventory inventory during the holiday season is a clever move, especially as more and more people buy online. In 2017, consumers spent $ 14.49 billion in online sales from Thanksgiving until Cyber ​​Monday, according to Adobe Analytics. And according to Adobe's report, Apple products were one of the best electronics in holiday sales last year.

Since Amazon can take advantage of Apple's products, and Apple can capitalize Amazon's online reach, this partnership could mean a significant increase in revenue for both brands. That being said, Apple could potentially be cannibalizing some of its own revenue if customers choose to buy Apple products from Amazons instead of their own site for practicality.

Amazon has already discovered a number of bids available now but still need to announce whether to offer and discount on their incoming Apple products. However, given the popularity of these devices, as well as the fact that large box stores such as Target, Walmart and Best Buy also offer bids for Apple products, it looks like Amazon is likely to follow suit.

Significantly, the job excludes some Apple products, such as the HomePod Smart Speaker, which competes with Amazon's Echo Smart Speakers. "We make choices of assortments of all time, based on conditions and a number of other factors," a US company spokeswoman told CNET about leaving HomePoda.

However, this will probably not be enough to deter consumers from leaving Amazon for other recently released products such as the iPad Pro, the iPhone XR, and the Apple Watch Series 4. It also helps Amazon to be well-offed for free shipping on all orders this holiday season.

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