Tuesday , January 26 2021

Clicking and adding can be restricted to service supermarkets only

Speaking at a news conference on Downing Street, Mr Hancock praised Morrisons’ decision to ban shopkeepers who fail to wear face masks, and called on others to do the same.

Government sources criticized the lack of enforcement in some stores, and one statement said: “Most people adhere to the rules, but it’s confusing when you go to the supermarket.

“When it first started, it was one-way, one-off, one-way systems. It all fell by the wayside. ”

Officers are increasingly concerned about the risk of transmission among customers who form long queues to collect goods and fast food, and many do not wear masks.

“The general feedback is that clicking and adding does not work, people do not wear masks in queues, people get closer to each other,” said one source.

Two others cited portable food service and non-essential grocery stores, some of which shifted clicking and adding to prevent closing on third locking.

However, the caller has refused to impose any ban on supermarkets, amid concerns that it could undermine delivery services.

Professor Chris Witty, the UK’s chief medical officer, has previously said that the risk of passing or jumping is “very low” and that there is “logic” to wearing masks in crowded places.

“For example, if people are gathered together in outdoor queues, if they are actually hiding around a market stall or something – it’s a risk for this virus – then there may be some logic for those who think about wearing masks. , ”He added.

Government sources said that the ministers were paying attention to comply with the existing rules and that the restrictions could be significantly “tightened” before stricter measures are considered.

When asked about Monday’s exercise limits, Mr. Hancock said: “Yes, you can go to the park with another person and exercise, but only one.

“We have seen large groups and it is unacceptable and you have to be two meters away from the other person.

“If there are too many people violating this rule, we should look into it.

“But I do not want to do that, because most people can go for a walk with a friend, and that’s probably their only social connection.”

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