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EastEnders Ben Mitchell brings along with the new actor again this play

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former Waterloo Road Officially joining Star Max Borden East Enders.

Justin Ficherald actor Waterloo Road Until 2015, and also appear Doctors and The disadvantage, As Beer Mitchell as BBNN. Joan will play a role in the character, Harry Reid, the most recent replacement for the character of the character.

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Benden Benden Ben Mitchel can be a sixth actor. But who do you know? He could be the last …

Max Inflatable, Indoor Soap Awards 2015

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"I am very happy to be proud of myself East Enders Ben Mitchell's role, "said Bodden Sun).

"I am always a fan of the show, and I am not happy for the most popular families in the soap.


East Enders Executive producer, Kate Oats, said: "The role of Ben, his rich history, is complex and complex family and complex psychology is complex gold.

"With this role with MacMan, we explore the profile of bar's character, and from time immemorial, from time immemorial, and his father's patronage."

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