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Ed Sheeran is unrecognizable as he has been ruthlessly rejected by the audit clip found

An undisclosed video has revealed that Ed Sheeran was vehemently rejected by dance teacher Arlene Phillips before becoming famous.

With the exception of a 29-year-old singer with her bright red hair – unrecognizable in those scenes as she tries to impress the dancer in an attempt to win a part of the 2008 ITV musical series Britannia High.

Young Ed can be seen trying to show off his best dance moves with a weird clip. It’s captured as part of a behind-the-scenes special – to Justin Timberk’s Like I Love You movie.

In a bid to get the best actors for the show, a panel of judges led by Earleen, scouts for the best performing arts schools in the UK.

Ed’s world-class singing ability rose above the judges, but more was expected from his dancing.

A clip found shows Ed Sheeran auditing for Arlene Phillips

When she criticizes Ed in the clip, she does not hesitate, and Arlene tells her fellow judges: “There is no alternative.

“Eventually we will have to find some people who can’t dance.

She had previously said: “We are looking for triple threats; they need to be able to sing, dance and act.

“They have to be stars.”

The staff asked Ed how he thought it was, and he acknowledged that it was not his best moment, grinning: “I’m really trying to bring it to my head. I think I was in a mess when I kicked him in the face.”

The video shows Ed trying to impress the dancer to win a part in the 2008 ITV music series Britannia High.

Contemplating not winning a role in the series – it was a setback after one series – Redhead continued: “I don’t think anyone can say they didn’t want that part and didn’t expect to get that part. Everyone wanted it like the next person.

A few years later, when Ed released his first feature-length play in 2011, he became a solo star.

Since then he has won numerous awards and earned millions – even though one of his fathers ‘went on to retire earlier’.

Ed’s singing ability rose above the judges, but he was reluctant because of his dancing

Ed starred in Justin Timberk’s “I Love You”

The talented writer is said to have earned $ 70 million on his 2017-2019 split tour as well as his music earnings – including his collaborative album No. 6 Collaboration Project with other musicians including Eminem, 50 Cent and Justin Bieber.

The profit is so lucrative that Ed reportedly made $ 200,000 a day in 2019. Thanks to the fans raising money to see him live and buy his music.

Ed was rejected because of that character but now he is worth millions

In December 2020, the Sun announced that Ed had earned millions through documents filed at Company House through his travel company and his recording company.

He bankrolled $ 48.1 million through his recording company and more than $ 37 million through his Nathan Cable Touring company, the newspaper said.

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