Saturday , May 8 2021

NASA and ESA release 8K video for marking 18 years of life and science on ISS technology news, Firstpost

On November 2, 2018, it was eighteen years since the last day when there was no man in the space.

After the International Space Station (ISS) was launched and launched by the mid-2000s, the NASA's expedition-1 November 2, 2000, carries the first astronauts to live on the space station. Since then, ISS has provided permanent human presence in space – regular transport missions to conduct experiments, repairs and upgrades at the station.

To name a case, NASA has released its first 8K ultra-high definition video with astronauts' footage while doing and conducting experiments – all in the glory of 8192 x 4320 pixels.

The video was a collaborative project between NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) to make space fans feel the lifestyle of the ISS.

Among the cool experiments were featured BCAT-CS – a quartz / clay system for studying the molecular forces between the particles being collected together. Another recent addition to ISS – Advanced Plant Habitat – an experiment in how plants grown in space differ from those that are grown on Earth, introduced in a shiny 8K resolution.

A former ISS commander, NASA's astronaut Drewa Feustal, is also appearing on the Atomization Test to investigate how water jets can improve the engine combustion process.

"Get closer to the universe experience and see how the human universe of international partnership improves lives on Earth while allowing people to explore the universe," NASA said in a press release.

NASA added that the video was shot with Helium 8K RED camera, the same company that enabled 4K recording in space.

"This new release reveals the story of a human space flight in more vivid details than ever before," said Dylan Mathis, communications manager for the ISS program at NASA, he told reporters.

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