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Petit sends Matić, United player: "was shameful"

Release Date: Monday, November 05, 2018 1:05 AM

The legend of Arsenal Emmanuel Petit thinks Manchester United's performance in the first 30 minutes against Bournemouth was "shameful."

United continued the match 2-1 thanks to goals from Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, but they were the second best for the big parts of the first half.

AND petit, who watched the match, kicked out Nemanja Matić, Ashley Young and Chris Smalling for criticism.

"I do not know, but I know Mourinho is doing his best," Petit said RMC Sport.

"That is not enough, but I think many players in his team should look like a mirror.

"Matic is the first, is his brother signed for Chelsea United? Besides the last year's season, when he did well, light is a year from what he is capable of.

"He is not the only one, there is Ashley Young and that is without discussion of the central defense. What do they do in Manchester United?

"I'm tired of Smalling, you know me, I'm not someone who's so easy to get rid of, but I've been looking for him for years, these players are not good enough to play in a club that's as big as Manchester United, and that's been happening for years.

"In the match against Bournemouth after 30 minutes I was shameful for United's players. I was scared for this mythical club, I was embarrassed for my history, I was embarrassed about Mourinho, I was embarrassed by his staff, I thought for myself, but what was these good ladies to carry.

"Guys who do not give it to everyone who looks, play, no inspiration, honestly, it was embarrassing to represent such a club, it was a shame, I never saw United so badly thirty minutes under Mourinh's command."

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