Tuesday , January 26 2021

Police patrol Teeside Beach after large number of visitors warn of lockdown

Police are urging people to ‘stay local’ as they see an increase in population at popular beach destinations.

The Redcar Town neighborhood police team said they were patrolling areas that usually attract high-profile visitors.

Officials have highlighted the Majuba car park, Redcar and Saltburn lower promenade as places where “high levels of visitors” experience.

In a Facebook post, the team said: “We all know about Kovid’s guidance on essential travel and exercise.

“The emphasis here is on encouraging people to stay local. With this in mind, we patrol to encourage only the essential trips to exercise and stay for exercise locally – dog walks.”

“Thank you for your continued support and co-operation. We all know that these are difficult and challenging times that we all know.”

Over the weekend, crowds were reported at a number of Tseide and North Yorkshire beauty parlors, with locals questioning the rules of the road.

Concerned residents described packaged car parks and “crowded” locations, including Saltburn, Redcar, Moscow, Roseberry Topping, Gotland, Blake Ridge and Sagefield.

The third national lock-in effect is that people should not go out if necessary.

You are allowed to exercise and it is said to be done locally, which is exactly the gray area where you can walk.

Cleveland Police said Tuesday: “Our officers will ask why people stay away from their homes and encourage people to abide by the regulations.

“If people are out of the house without a reasonable excuse, they can be issued a permanent penalty notice.”

The latest call from the public to stick to the rules has received a mixed response on social media.

One Facebook user said, “Steal, it takes you three days to get a phone call.

“Go for fresh air and hit a fine. Absolutely funny.”

But another said, “Great, you really do. Police presence or even a visible car should be avoided.

“Please get involved and talk to the public.”

A separate proposal Wednesday suggested that police and church administrators should take the addresses of visitors to Saltburn during the latest national lockdown.

Keller Philip Thompson, who has previously raised the bar of adherence to Covid-19 guidelines for beach tourists, said hundreds of visitors came to Saltburn last weekend despite bad weather and advice to stay local for exercise.

He said: “Residents can see this, and sincerely fear that the virus will spread more easily in the city, and unacceptable visitors will be forgiven.”

Keller Thompson, leader of the Red Car and Cleveland Council’s Conservative team, said the guidelines needed to be strictly enforced, discouraging unnecessary travel.

He said he had contacted the council, police and Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP Simon Clark, and asked Redcar and Cleveland Council police officers and both so-called ambassadors to inquire about his whereabouts.

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