Tuesday , July 27 2021

Secondary school closed

After 56 employees were sick, at least two days later, a school in Southampton has been closed.

The Redbridge community school has been infected by hundreds of flu.

1,000 secondary school students have been closed down.

Head Jason Ashley said that 62 school children arrived home Wednesday.

The next day, other students and teachers were killed in a "critical" strain.

Public health England (PHE) has decided Friday and Monday to prevent the spread of the disease.

Ashley told the BBC: "I have been in business for more than 24 years, and I've never been around viruses around the school, it's like Domino's."

Speaking to the local newspaper Southern Daily EcoDue to infection of the "disproportionate" number of employees, the staff took a decision at the level of the staff.

ඩෝර්සෙට් හි තවත් Portesham ප්රාථමික පාසල අඟහරුවාදා වසා දමා ඇති අතර, එය "ගංවතුර වෛරස් බැක්ටීරියාවක්" බරපතල ලෙස පැතිර යාමෙන් පසු සඳුදා විවෘත කිරීමට නියමිතය.

ජනවාරි 13 න් අවසන් වන සතිය තුළ පාසල්වල උණ පැතිරීමේ උණ පැතිරීම වාර්තා විය.

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