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19 mods for do-it-yourself pickups that are really “out there”

For years, pickup trucks have been the favorite vehicles of many car buyers. In fact, just recently, the Consumer Reports have defined the trucks as "the new family car". This is because the number of women who registered full-size pickups increased 67% from 2008 to 2016, according to data collected by IHS Markit. At the same time, it has become increasingly common for car buyers to go out and buy family trucks. As spokesman for the Ram brand, David Elshoff, noted, "Family trucks account for 40 to 50 percent of our mix."

Without a doubt, the pickup's appeal is not going away anytime soon. It does not matter if you are single or have a large family. However, there is the possibility that you want to see a pickup truck in your garage.

After all, the pickup truck has a lot of stores to boast about. For beginners, pickup trucks tend to be more powerful than your typical sedan. This is because they are designed to have engines that can carry something as big as a boat in the back. At the same time, pick-ups are readily able to deal with virtually any type of track. No matter how hard the road is, you can be sure that a pickup truck will be able to pass. Meanwhile, pickup trucks also tend to have the ability to wade water. So if your area suffers from a small flood, your truck will have no problem.

Some car buyers also choose to buy a pickup truck because they know that there are several changes that can be done easily. In fact, when it comes to a do-it-yourself mod pickup, it seems your imagination is your only limit.

Curious to find out what we mean? Let's have a look at some mod pick-ups do-it-yourself that are really enough out there.

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19 Truck Garden


If you're very proud of your green thumb and want to show it off while you're on the road, then the best do-it-yourself mod pickup for you is turning your cargo bed into your mobile garden.

To make this happen, a cloth is needed to cover the entire truck bed. Once done, pour enough soil into the garden and make sure to distribute it evenly. Once you are satisfied, go ahead and start planting. You can plant different types of flowers or even vegetables on the truck. Since they are on the loading floor, you can be sure your plants will have sufficient sunlight. Be sure to water them too.

18 Pickup truck at home


For some truck owners, their truck is not just a ride. Instead, it's also the place they call home. Especially when you have a particularly large truck, the cargo bed space tends to have enough space to fit into a mobile home.

The key to this do-it-yourself mod pickup is good design and planning. Even before mounting the house on the truck, the interior layout should already be determined and finalized. This way, you know where the bedroom is and the seating area. It is also essential that you understand where you will find the bathroom and the kitchen.

17 Pool for pickup truck


Especially in some states, the weather can be brutally hot in the summer. In other words, everyone could use a little bit of cooling. And if you happen to own a pickup truck, it turns out you can create a do-it-yourself mod and easily transform your load bed into a small pool.

To make this happen, just buy a pool cover to cover the entire floor of your truck.

Once it is firmly in place, all you have to do is fill the space with water and you and your family can finally take a dip. Feel free to place it during a camping, a summer barbecue or even a party on the tailgate. And once you're done, all you have to do is access a valve to let all the water out immediately.

16 Campsite


Have you ever dreamed of camping under the stars even in your garden? Well, if you happen to own a pickup truck, this is easier to do than you think.

In fact, you can easily transform the cargo bed of your truck into a large tent space. Go ahead and install it on the bed itself. Be sure to align the floor so that the tent is very comfortable and comfortable.

In the meantime, depending on where you plan to camp, you may also want to install a network on your tent. This way, you will not have to worry about insects or other insects entering your pickup tent.

15 Truck with Mattracks

through buying conversion vans

When you're out somewhere where it's almost always snowing, you have to think about the type of tires you use to mount your truck. Go with the normal winter tires or get something more with a do-it-yourself mod? For some people, pickup trucks running in the snow are better when using Mattracks.

Mattracks is a famous brand for rubber track conversions that can easily be mounted on many 4×4 vehicles.

These include everything from ATVs to SUVs, pickup trucks and other larger vehicles. For a pickup truck, you have a lot of choices. In fact, there are tracks for light duty, medium-duty runways, heavy-duty runways and heavy-duty runways that you can take into consideration.

14 Accommodation for pick-up


Especially when you're out enjoying the outdoors with your friends, it can be a real challenge to find a place to stay. Fortunately, if you bring a tent with you, you can easily mount it on your truck and turn it into your own accommodation.

At the same time, you can also tie parts of your tent to the trees in such a way that it would have added support and would not have exploded only in the event of wind. If you plan to do it, make sure you also have a ladder. After all, having access to your rooftop accommodation could be a real challenge.

13 Hot shower on board


When you're camping for a few days, you may end up losing some of the home comforts you're used to. One of these is most likely a hot shower. And luckily, now you can enjoy one wherever you are as long as you have your pickup with you.

This do-it-yourself mod pickup requires the installation of a pressurized roof shower or sprayer. This includes a pipe to be mounted on the roof, which would serve as a source of water. Typically, these field showers are heated to solar energy, so you do not have to worry about the energy source to heat the water.

12 Pickup Truck Kitchen


When you're out camping or tailgating with your friends, it's really nice to be able to cook food on site. In this way, you can also feed your group with meals that are cute, warm and fresh. Perhaps this is why there are some truck owners who have decided to turn the part of the load bed into a mobile kitchen.

Fortunately, it's easy enough to make a do-it-yourself mod on your pickup truck to create your own cooking station. In fact, there are sliding tables that can be installed so you have a place to cut your ingredients. At the same time, a small sliding stove can also be installed in a similar way to allow you to prepare hot food.

11 Food stall for trucks


If you happen to have an entrepreneurial spirit, this type of do-it-yourself mod pickup is definitely for you. In this case, you're turning the pickup into a food truck. The only difference is that you have to stand next to the truck to be able to properly prepare and serve the food.

On board the truck floor, you can easily fit it into a grill, a small stove or even a plate. You can even put a small table next to it, so you can chop fresh ingredients.

In the meantime, you can also set up a small condiment counter in another part of the truck. In this way, everything is accessible and you can serve customers very quickly.

10 Ice Cream Pickup Truck


On hot summer days, we are quite confident that children and adults are screaming for ice cream. Why not seize the opportunity and get a small ice-cream business started with your pickup truck?

According to a report by Grizly, it appears that a man did this by doing a do-it-yourself mod on his 1955 Ford truck. The ice cream maker was labeled as John's ice cream and he sold all kinds of frozen delights, including candy, ice lollies, drums, ice cream cones and more.

Today it is still possible to create the same set-up with a brand-new truck. Make sure the freezer you use is suitable for loading your truck.

9 Open Cinema Truck Pickup


In today's families, family time could mean gathering in the living room with popcorn in hand and enjoying a movie. For some people, however, the time of the film is even better when it is performed outside. And believe it or not, if you have a pickup truck, you can have a cinematic experience open whenever you want.

The only do-it-yourself mod you need to do for your pickup truck is to install a screen on the truck stand. Then, through it, you set a movie projector at the same height as the screen. Once done, you can play a movie for your friends and family at any time.

8 Pickup truck trailer


For some families, going out of town means taking the camper and taking the adventure of a lifetime. And if we told you, though, that you do not really need a camper if you already have a truck?

In fact, as a do-it-yourself mod, all you have to do is turn the part of your truck floor into a trailer.

Especially if there are only a few people in the family, a trailer mounted on a truck should be good enough to meet everyone's needs while traveling. It can have a small seating area and maybe even a bathroom. Of course, everything will depend on your final project.

7 Tailgate networks

via youtube

Typically, the bed of a pickup truck comes with a door that you can use to close the bed and keep out of anything you have to slip while you're on the road. By itself, this door is already useful and very reliable. This is exactly why we would be rather surprised if a truck owner decided to take it out.

Unfortunately, there are some truck owners who have chosen to do just that. Instead of the typical truck door, they decided to make a do-it-yourself truck modification and replace it with a tailgate net. While this may still be able to prevent things from slipping out of the truck bed, there is no guarantee that small objects will not simply slip through the net and fall off.

6 Extremely large lifting kits

through the unit

Some pickup owners want their ride to be a little higher. To make this happen, they often turn to a lifting kit as their do-it-yourself modification. However, there are those truck owners who just seem to take things a little too far.

In fact, some of them continue to install extremely large lifting kits on their trucks in order to stand taller than anyone can imagine.

What these owners do not know, however, is that doing so can significantly affect the stability of the cart. This is because when the truck is lifted, its center of gravity is increased. And unless you have wider tires, your ride will not be as stable as before.

5 Extremely lowered

via autowise

While some truck owners love to lift their vehicles all the way, there are those who prefer to have them lowered. In fact, some even go so far as to lower them to the point where the truck can already touch the ground. However, this could cause some safety problems for your long-term run.

As your mechanic explained, "The lowering process can change the curvature (at rest, or when the wheel is raised as above a bump), which in turn has two negative effects, reduced traction, particularly for braking and increased tire wear. "In the meantime, he also added," The steering geometry can be changed enough to not be able to safely steer the car, especially for cars that have been lowered by several centimeters or more. "

4 Huge stacks of vertical discharge

via diesel world

From time to time, you can meet a type of truck with a unique appearance based on side tubes that emit smoke simultaneously. These are known as exhaust stacks and some pickup truck owners add them as mods. The sole purpose of these is to let the exhaust gases out towards the top and away from the vehicle.

According to the online 4 Wheel Online retailer, a smokestack discharge can help lower the temperature of the truck's exhaust fumes. This, in turn, greatly contributes to improving the performance of the cart. However, keep in mind that such waste stacks can emit a lot of smoke and other drivers near you may not appreciate it.

3 Motorized bedspread


For some truck owners, having a bed cover in their pickup truck is absolutely useful. After all, it helps keep their objects away from the glow of the sun. Not to mention, it can also act as an umbrella in case you want to go out into your load bed and take a break.

If you're the type who does not like having to turn the bedspread on and off, perhaps you should consider a motorized bedspread.

Forget about having to remove it completely from the truck. With a motorized bed cover system, the whole thing moves and moves away when you do not need it.

2 Amphibious pickup truck


In a sense, one could say that a pickup truck can do just about anything. It can cross rough terrain. It can carry really voluminous objects. It can be converted into a mobile home. It can be transformed into an open kitchen or even a garden. But did you know that it can also be transformed into an amphibious vehicle?

This is exactly what some engineers did at a Corvair Rampside pickup truck in 1961. According to a Fox News report, the team installed a fiberglass hull to the truck, along with propellers driven by a hydraulic pump connected to the engine. of the truck. In the end, the amphibious Corvair successfully navigated the water.

1 Drawers for trucks


For some people, having a lot of storage means everything. This probably means that there are many closets and shelves in their home. And in some cases, you may even find that you have placed a number of memory units in their trucks. In fact, they went ahead with a do-it-yourself mod pickup to install several drawers in their truck bed.

These truck bed drawers can be particularly useful. Especially if you have a sort of service activity, you can readily use the drawer space to carefully organize all the accessories and tools. In this way, when you go to work, you will not end up spending half an hour trying to locate everything.

If you decide to do it, however, remember that the drawers in your truck bed can also be a serious punch in the eye.


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