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25 Incredible features of hidden iOS 12 and how to use them

General features of iOS 12 in the foreground

iOS 12 is not a great banner. This is an incremental update focused on fundamentals. This year Apple has taken the time to work on the performance of older devices and on solving major problems with notifications. There are some new gestures on the iPad and Siri Shortcuts will redefine the way we use our iOS devices as productivity machines.

But at first glance, it will be difficult to find new interesting features in this version. They are there, just a little hidden. Behind the menus and in Settings. This is why we are here to help you. Take a look at our list of the best new features hidden in iOS 12.

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1. Virtual keyboard on each iPhone and iPad

One of my favorite features of all time is the 3D Touch trackpad mode introduced for the first time in the iPhone 6S. Press deeper into the keyboard and the entire keyboard becomes a virtual trackpad. Press again deeper and you can select the text.

iOS 12 Virtual Trackpad for iPhone and iPad 2

Now, this feature is available on all iPhones and iPads, no 3D Touch required. Press and hold on the space bar to enter the virtual trackpad mode. Scroll to the top, bottom, left or right to move the cursor accordingly.

iOS 12 Virtual Trackpad for iPhone and iPad 1

Touch the trackpad with another finger to enter text selection mode. Move your finger select the text.

2. Tune the notifications from the lock screen

Did you know that you can disable or customize notifications directly from the lock screen? There is no more need to go in the app Settings! Scroll left on a notification and tap the Manage button.

iOS 12 Notifications Settings Manager

A new notification setting screen will be displayed. If you want to completely disable the app notifications, just press the button Switch off button. The most interesting thing is the Delivery option quietly. Using this, you will be able to prohibit notifications from displaying on the lock screen (and asking for your attention). The notification will go directly to the Notification Center and will not make any noise.

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3. Activate Do Not Disturb for only 1 hour

IOS 12 Options Do not Disturb

If you touch the Do Not Disturb switch in the Control Center, it is normal as usual. But next time, try 3D Touch or long press the switch. You will be welcomed by a brand new plate of advanced options.

From here, you can enable Do Not Disturb only for 1 hour, until evening, until you exit the current area or until the current calendar event is executed.

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4. Listen live

iOS 12 AirPods Live Listen 1

There's a new feature in iOS 12 that lets you turn AirPods (or other Bluetooth devices) into an audio output for the iPhone itself. The microphone of the iPhone acts as an input device. Record the voice you hear around and transmit it directly to the AirPods. If you are hard or you feel, or if you want to focus on a particular audio source in a crowded room, use this feature.

Go to settings -> Control center -> Customize the controls and enable the hearing switch. Then tap the Acoustic switch from the Control Center and choose a device connected as AirPods. Immediately, you will be able to hear everything that the microphone on your iPhone feels.

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5. Find the songs using the lyrics

iOS 12 Apple Music Search Lyrics

Now you can search for music on Apple Music (and not on the music you've stored in the Music app) just by typing some lyrics. Go to Search tab, tap on the search bar and start typing. Hit Search and you should find the song you are looking for.

6. Group notifications by app rather than by context

App notification settings for iOS 12

By default, iOS 12 groups notifications by context and thread. This means that an app can end up with multiple notification stacks. If you do not want this to happen for a particular app, go to settings -> notifications, select the app and then tap Grouping of notifications. Here, from Automatic option, switch to For app.

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7. Disable the Siri suggestions

iOS 12 Disable Siri Suggestion Lock Screen 2

Siri's suggestions are everywhere in iOS 12. Of course, they are really useful in Spotlight but not so much in the lock screen. If you keep getting the same Siri tip to call someone back or buy something from an app, you may want to disable the feature altogether.

Go to settings -> Siri and researchAnd turn off the switch close to Tips on Lock Screen.

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8. Create your Siri shortcuts

iOS 12 Settings shortcuts Siri 2

Apple acquired Workflow, the exceptional automation app and integrated it directly into iOS 12 via the Shortcuts app. Using the app, you can create workflows that are activated by talking to Siri.

But creating your complex workflows can seem overwhelming. You can start small, creating a Siri action for an activity you do often. You like to play your car playlist or send messages to someone on WhatsApp. And that's where the Settings app will really help you.

Go to settings -> Siri and research and check the suggestions section. You will find a list of activities that you frequent. Something hits you? Tap on it to make it an action by recording a sentence for Siri. The next time you tell the command to Siri, iOS 12 will perform the assigned action.

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9. Disable almost all apps on iPhone

iOS 12 Downtime

The new iOS 12 Screen Time feature has a nuclear option to help you manage your smartphone addiction. It's called Downtime and it's like Do Not Disturb but specifically for apps. Go to settings -> Time on the screen -> Downtime and start a program. If you do not want to use the phone at night, start the inactivity period at 22:00.

Now, almost all apps on iPhone will be disabled. Only essential apps like phone and messages will be available. You can go to the Allowed apps section to add a couple of essential apps.

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10. Hide app

iOS 12 Hide app

In iOS 12, the Restrictions section has been moved under the Screen Time function. So now, if you want to disable a & # 39; stock app as Safari or hide a couple of apps from your kids, you'll have to go through the Screen Time section.

From the Screen Time section, select Restrictions on content and privacy. After activating the function, go to Allowed apps section and disable the stock apps you want to disable access to. Go to if you want to disable third-party apps Restrictions on content -> applications and select the appropriate apps for the age you want.

11. Enable the Weather widget on the Secret Lock screen

iOS 12 Do not disturb the weather widget

There is a new switch Do not disturb named bedtime. This function automatically dims the display and shows no notification on the lock screen. If you're using Bedtime mode, there's another surprise waiting for you. When you wake up, you can be greeted by a secret weather widget. But only if you have allowed Location Services to access Weather.

Go to settings app, touch private life and then Location services. Select the Weather option and go to Always.

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12. View the battery information for the last 10 days

Graphs of iOS 12 battery statistics

After the battery acceleration fiasco of iOS 11, we were greeted by a new and improved battery statistics screen. Not only will you find detailed charts of your use, you can now analyze battery information for the last 10 days! And no, it is not necessary to fully charge the battery every time to see all the details.

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13. Chapters in the Podcast app

Chapter markers on Podcasts of iOS 12

The Podcast app now supports chapter markers. While playing a podcast, go to the Now Playing section and scroll down. Tap the Show button next to Chapters to expand the list of all chapters. Touch a chapter to jump to it.

14. Measure the distance in AR

iOS 12 Measure App 1

iOS 12 has a new stock app that you may not be aware of. Then open Spotlight and search for Measure. Now you will be able to measure the length of objects using the iPhone camera!

The app is provided by ARKit. Tap on one side to release a marker, move the phone, release a marker and boom again, the app will show you the estimated distance between the two points.

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15. Share photos quickly using an iCloud link

iOS 12 Share photos using Link

The Smart Photo Sharing feature of iOS 12 has been discussed a lot, but you knew the small functionality that allows you to instantly generate a shareable link for a photo or an album. That's right, if you've enabled iCloud Photo Library, you can instantly share a couple of photos with anyone (like Dropbox) and you do not need to be an Apple user.

Select the photos in question, tap the Share button and select Copy the iCloud link. Then paste the link in a chat. Return to the shared albums section and touch the Ellipses button to view the Stop sharing option.

16. Share Memoji Selfies with anyone

iOS 12 Memoji 4

You may have already created your Memoji character on your iPhone X. But if you do not use iMessage, the use of Memoji can be severely restricted. But there's a way to share Memoji's selfies with whoever you want.

Open the camera view in Messaging and select effects icon. From here, touch the Animoji app and select your Memoji character. If you wish, you can also add filters or stickers. Once you've got the shot, tap the shutter button. The selfie has been captured. Now instead, to send the image, take a Screenshot.

Tap the preview bubble and crop the screenshot to include only the selfie part. Now you can save it on Camera Roll or share it directly with a conversation.

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17. Enable Automatic Updates

iOS 12 Automatic updates

If you're the kind of person who's always bothered by the "c & # 39; it's a new update available" prompt and prefers to automate the whole process, I have some good news.

Now you can go to the Software update section and turn on Automatic updates feature. Now, iOS will automatically download and install updates to your iPhone overnight when the phone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

18. Use Siri to turn on the flashlight

Siri torch for iOS 12

Siri has chosen a new really useful trick. Just say "Hey Siri light the torch" and Siri will do just that. There is no need to fumble in the darkness.

19. Enable Favicons for Safari

Featured iOS 12 favicon in Safari

There is a new Settings item that allows you to enable favicons for cards in Safari. Go to settings -> Safari -> Show icons in the tabs to enable the function.

Safari iOS 12 Favicons 1

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20. Automatic filling of SMS One Time access codes

Autofil for iOS 12 OTP SMS in the QuickType keyboard

If you use 2-factor authentication for multiple services via SMS, your life has improved a lot. Every time you receive a single-use passcode via SMS, it is shown in the QuickType keyboard tip. Touch it to paste it immediately into the text box.

21. Share passwords using AirDrop

iOS 12 AirDrop Share Password 2

iOS 12 simplifies access to any web page using access saved in iCloud Keychain. But you can also easily share passwords between devices using AirDrop. It works only with iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave devices and passwords are not shared in plain text. They will be automatically added to the iCloud keychain of the receiver.

To share a password, go to settings -> Password and account -> Web sites and password for apps, select login and then tap and hold in the password field. From the popup, select AirDorp and then select the device with which you want to share the password.

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22. Use The New Thesaurus

iOS 12 Thesaurus 1

iOS 12 has a new option for dictionary settings. Now you can add the Oxford American Writer Thesaurus to the Look Up Dictionary section. Go to settings -> General -> Dictionary and select the American English – Oxford American Writer & # 39; s Thesaurus option.

The thesaurus will be downloaded and added to Look Up. The next time you touch and hold a word and select the Search option, you will find synonyms and definitions of the Oxford American Writer Thesaurus.

23. Easily force closing apps on iPhone X

iOS 12 iPhone X Close the app

iOS 12 removes the obstacle of forcibly closing apps on iPhone X. In iOS 12, you had to tap and hold on an & # 39; app to enter the forced close mode. In iOS 12, just log in to the App Switcher and start scrolling up to exit the app!

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24. Add a second face-to-face identifier

Alternative Face ID of iOS 12

Using an alternative solution, you can now add a second person to Face ID authentication. Go to Face ID section and touch Set an alternative appearance to start.

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25. Try the new black theme in Apple Books

Dark themes for iOS 12 Apple Books

iBook has been completely redesigned in iOS 12 and has been renamed to Apple Books. The new interface is beautiful to look at. But what lies behind the new user interface is a simple and fantastic black theme. It looks particularly charming on the iPhone X OLED display. So go to the Apple Books editor and switch to the Dark theme, at least to try it out.

Hidden features that you have discovered

What are some of the hidden features in iOS 12 that you brought to light? Share with us in the comments below.

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