Saturday , December 5 2020

3 simple do-it-yourself projects for the home

It's hard to believe, but summer is almost a memory and it's time to start working on those fall projects. Even if you're running out of time because of your intense schedule, the following three projects are pretty simple. Also, you'll feel really good when you're done.

1. Paint your entrance door.

Yes, it's the simplest of all do-it-yourself home projects, and guess what? It has the maximum return on investment of any project. According to the online residential real estate website Trulia, painting the front door has an ROI of 80% to 140%. Even better, you can do it in a few hours. Make sure that the outside temperature is at least 50 degrees and that it does not fall close to zero during the night, so that the paint has enough time to dry. Choosing a contrasting color for your home can really increase your sidewalk charm.

2. Organize your garage.

We understand. The summer is for fun and as a result, your garage could be finished in a catchall for all the things that made it fun. Organize all these things by investing in shelving, hooks, baskets and a range of other products that are easy to install and that will help you find your stuff when next summer goes around, advises the National Association of Real Estate Agents.

3. Plant a tree.

Do you need more shade in your garden, or maybe you thought of planting an ornamental tree to embellish it? Autumn is the perfect time to plant a tree. Not only will it improve the appearance of your garden and increase the value of your home, but a shade tree can reduce cooling costs by up to 40 percent, according to the DIY network. All you need is a shovel and a pipe.

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