Thursday , July 29 2021

5 accessories you need for the autumn 2018 (more, how to shape them)

Enhance your autumn look with a chic accessory.

Enhance your autumn look with a chic accessory.

Autumn is fast approaching and new clothes are coming with the new season. But no dress would be complete without the right Accessoriesand the autumn 2018 has certainly provided us with a myriad of options that will surely increase the cool factor of any ensemble.

Want to know more about these trendy pieces? Keep scrolling to see five of my choices of accessories and a selection of my first five pieces for each – along with some suggestions on how to model them for the autumn 2018.

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1. Baker Boy hats

Products: (Top, L-R) H & M, Urban Outfitters, Mango (Bottom Row, L-R) Urban Outfitters, ModCloth

The autumn 2018 brought with it a trend of the hat that we have not seen for a while: baker boy's hats. This fun accessory is available in various colors and multiple variations of style, from the lowest to the most sought after, and will surely give a touch of jazz to any ensemble of cold weather.

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