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5 do-it-yourself pop culture costumes for Halloween 2018 that will make you see a relevant AF

I'm all about dressing up with traditional Halloween clothes – you know, throwing plastic hairy ears and drawing mustaches with eyeliner and BAM! Now you're a cat! I find absolutely nothing wrong with classical costumes and, honestly, I appreciate every effort that someone puts in the spooky holiday. But there's something in the people that go all out on their costumes that makes me want to stand up and applaud. You do not even need to be a store bought dress (actually, I prefer the opposite) – but that's how it is does I must have some sort of relevance to it. Yes, I'm talking about creating costumes for do-it-yourself pop culture for Halloween 2018, because we, as a nation, deserve to reflect on all the remarkable moments of the past year and to be full of gratitude. The best way to do it? By creating a costume that shows exactly how ~ in knowing ~ you really are.

So, do everyone a favor and skip the Halloween store this year. Work with what you have in your closet, and whatever you are missing, just ask a friend or family member (or buy it online at low cost) and make the most exciting costume that the year 2018 has ever seen. If you need help completing your look, we have you covered with some online stores where you can find the Halloween set. We got you, whistles!

1. JAY-Z and Beyoncé from the video "APESH * T"


Show me someone who is not obsessed with the Carters collaborative music video and I'll show you a liar. Get your significant other (or friend) and WERK THIS LOOK, fam.

Longline Boyfriend Blazer, $ 34.99, Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe

So, throw your hair into a pony and go and bend, girl. So, it's time to get drunk:

Choker necklace and crystal choker earrings with rhinestones Jane Stone, $ 22.89, Amazon


And for your JAY-Z counterpart:

Men's Classic-Fit Stretch Sports Coat, $ 64, Kohl & # 39; s

Add a gold chain (totally cool if it's fake, because gold is not cheap), and there you are. Effortless freshness it is not included, though, so you'll have to really channel your favorite musical duo to get this ~ lewk ~. I have faith.

2. Lara Jean from To all the boys I've loved before


Most likely the simplest (and most pertinent) costume for all of you TATBILB fan, IMO. Also, you will undoubtedly be kept warm when the sun sets, since you will wear layers, a song Lara Jean beyond. Win-win!

Finejo Hooded fleece jacket for women with hooded style, hooded wool coat, $ 39.99, Amazon


Under your jacket, wear a sweater over a button-down shirt, and you're halfway there. Wear a dark, short skirt and add mustard-colored knee socks, like these:

Socks above the knee, $ 6.90, always 21

Forever 21

Violet! You're practically coming out with Noah Centineo at this point. Now bring some love letters with you and you're ready. Bonus points if you also wear your favorite scrunchie on your wrist.

3. The music video of "God is a woman" by Ariana Grande


We're real: your jaw dropped when you saw Great's cosmically beautiful dress from her music video, "God Is A Woman." What if I told you that you could recreate its cheap appearance? Would it make you believe that God is, in effect, a woman (cough, cough, ME)?

Abigal Criss Cross Body, $ 22, Revolve


Who does not love a good pink hot body? And while Grande has the real universe around his bust, you can do it with a skirt printed in the galaxy, like this:

Galaxy Print pleated skirt, $ 24.90, Hot Topic

If you have extensions, wear them! If you have high boots up to your thighs, use them! It's at really Get your point of view, play Grande's hit song repeatedly on your phone.

4. Antoni Porowski from Weird eye

Michael Kovac / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Now look, I'm all for dressing like any of the members of Fab 5, but I will say that dressing like Antoni will undoubtedly be the easiest. And why, you ask?



So if you have little time (or money), this costume will literally be the easiest thing for you. You can believe?

Women's short-sleeved V-neck T-shirt, $ 4, Target


Guys, you're practically halfway with your costume! And if you do not want to go out and buy a shirt for yourself, ask literally any guy to borrow it. It's a men's garment. Then, worn in a lapel apron, a chef's work uniform:

Chef Works Portland bib apron, $ 29.99, Amazon


do to have spend 30 dollars in an apron? Obviously not. But at least consider investing in one that you can actually use in your IRL kitchen. Just a thought!

From here, let your imagination run wild. Do you want to go around with a guacamole, AKA Antoni's favorite? Do you want to carry around a box of tissues, in case you feel "emotional" all night? Totally to you, my friend. Let your inner Antoni shine.

5. Lady Gaga & # 39; s A star was born Premiere Outfit

Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

I have bad news: you will not be able to exactly replicate the Valentino Haute Couture pink dress, in addition to the iconic Lady Gaga, which she wore for the premiere of her film at the Venice Film Festival. These were layers on layers of feathered goodness that is unmatched, but guess what? you can he generate that same sense of fabulousness as Gaga.

All over pink feather miniskirt, $ 67, MissGuided


There are definitely some other cheaper options out there on sites like Amazon and eBay, but I'd like to wear the skirt over and over again, so do not tell me you do not want this in your closet. So, take a pink tank top or a pink suit and add a feather cape like this:

Stole of the Piuma fashion cape ZAKI The vow, $ 23.99, Amazon


And, if you want to be TOTALLY extra (which, in this case, you do absolutely), take a red carpet to get off:

Hollywood Red Carpet Runner, $ 7.99, Party City

Can you even imagine going to a friend's party and making a red carpet debut? This situation is literally what dreams are made of.

Okay guys, I'm trusting you do your best this Halloween. And at the end of the day, if you want to dress up in last year's costume, I promise not to judge you too strong –game of Thrones it is still relevant.

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