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5 matters of late summer: when doing the do-it-yourself, when to hire someone

By weighing the work and the cost of doing these things in the open, the verses take some help.

Late summer jobs: do-it-yourself or outsourced?

How do you decide which tasks to take and which to delegate depends on several factors: costs and time, security problems and personal preferences. After all, one person's job is the relaxation of another person.

Liza Hausman, vice president of industry solutions at Houzz, said that if you're out of your mind if you're doing a chore or outsourcing, especially a more challenging task, ask a professional.

"(Most) professionals are certainly open to talking about the pros and the pitfalls of undertaking a project because most of them have probably entered and saved homeowners when they entered the head," he said.

Doing things yourself

Cut the grass. This is the most important summer task to do on your own, said Dan DiClerico, home expert and smart home strategist for HomeAdvisor.

"It's quite foolproof, you can exercise, fresh air, and you can really save a lot of changes," he says.

HomeAdvisor, which collects data on home improvement costs, estimates lawn mowing costs on average, from $ 30 to $ 80. Lawn mowers start at around $ 100 for manual and base wire machines.

Painting / coloring. Take on small projects like painting doors, fences, bridges and other ground-level jobs yourself, DiClerico says.

"It's easy enough to do, it does not require many tools, although there's a small investment there," he said.

Most of the time spent on a painting job is actually for the preparation work, as the actual painting can go quickly. Varnish prices vary by type and quality, but a famous Sherwin Williams exterior coating, A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex, starts at around $ 45 a gallon and many paints are around $ 75 a gallon.

To avoid damaging the trees, leave the cutting to professionals. Do you need to clean up some shrubs? Do it alone.

To avoid damaging the trees, leave the cutting to professionals. Do you need to clean up some shrubs? Do it alone.

Decks and porches should be finished and re-sealed or colored each year or biennial, and DiClerico said the savings to do it alone can be significant. A gallon of a popular sealant like Thompson's WaterSeal Clear Multi-Surface Waterproofer costs around $ 12 in home improvement stores. An older deck may require additional nails or table replacements, which could slightly increase the cost, he said. The cost for a professional to seal a deck is on average $ 826, he said.

The only possible exception, when it comes to painting, is the exterior of an entire house. This is where the problems of time and security come into play, such as climbing stairs. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of a professional home painting work is $ 2,700 on average.

"If they do the job well, you will not have to do it again for 10 years, so it makes no sense to get through all the work to do it," he said.

Pool maintenance The pools can be a lot of work – opening and closing for the season, plus weekly cleaning. Regular maintenance can keep the problems at bay. To do it yourself, you will have to invest in various equipment, such as skimmers, vacuum cleaners and brushes.

Battery-powered vacuum cleaners cost only $ 100. Compare this one-time cost with most pool maintenance services, which HomeAdvisor estimates are ranging from $ 75 to $ 100 an hour.

Domestic work to be outsourced

Pressure washing Think twice about doing this work alone, as easy as it sounds, says DiClerico.

Proper machines are expensive and the most powerful machines are dangerous, he said. "There are thousands of people injured every year from the machines, the pressure is intense – people lose their fingers – so you have to know what you're doing, which makes it good to consider outsourcing," he said.

The average cost for a professional to pressurize a house is $ 281, and to make a driveway, the cost is probably lower, he says.

Cutting the tree. You may be able to cut some shrubbery around your home, but homeowners who do not know what they are doing can damage trees.

DiClerico said that the correct cutting of the trees requires specialized tools and that there are safety problems with the elimination of the limbs. The pro costs may vary based on the size of the tree and other factors, but HomeAdvisor places the average cost at $ 745.

He said that hiring a professional is a long-term intelligent investment. "A good tree surgeon will know the portions of the tree (to cut off) to stop the disease, for example." We all know how precious the trees are, so it's worth spending a little bit of money to keep them health for as long as possible, "he said.

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