Monday , June 21 2021

5 reasons why you might find yourself in a work routine (and how to get out of it)


If you come back to your office after a nice summer vacation and you already feel like you're in a routine, you're not alone. Studies show that 70% of people are more likely to look for a new job after a holiday or vacation. But finding a new job is not always the answer. Sometimes you find yourself in a work routine because of your work habits and, the good news here is: you have complete control over your actions. Here's how to get out of this path ASAP, depending on what's causing you:

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<p>Depressed people live the world differently, according to this study, and this includes the workplace. Being depressed or living in a more black / white world does not allow you to engage in the colorful experiences that surround you. Try to change your perception of focusing on what surrounds you and, if necessary, look for a mental health professional. Making your mental and physical health a priority will always produce a high ROI.</p>
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Confronting with the colleague who got a big promotion, checking the glamor lives of the world travelers on Instagram from your cubicle, and having a sense of FOMO is very real and very normal, when it happens occasionally. Women struggle especially for confrontation (as Emily mentioned in his post yesterday!) And while a bit of inspiration never hurts, too much could hinder your professional growth. Try to keep a working diary to keep track of your results, make plans with friends where you limit the time you can talk about work before moving on to a new topic, sign up for a new course, or listen to a podcast of professional development. When you are so busy thinking about what you do not have or are not lost, forget to put your attention on the things that really help drive progress: pure attention.

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