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7 do-it-yourself projects for Windows old frame

There is something glorious in an old frame, the paint comes off a bit, the glasses are distorted by bizarre brush strokes from who knows when. They have a sense of the mystery about them, a sense of history, a window on an 'other time you could even say. That's why they make such good objects to reuse; the old windows easily make something extraordinary.

Moreover, they can be found easily and at low cost. Basically, anyone who remodels or updates an old house gets rid of windows because we now have much more energy-efficient versions. Old frame windows no longer meet the specifications of most of the county buildings inspections. For this reason, they can not legally be reused in new homes, at least not as windows.

So, the question becomes: what do we do with these fantastic relics? And the answer is do-it-yourself projects!

1. Door of the closet

Whether it's a medicine cabinet in the bathroom (a small window) or a porcelain cabinet in the dining room (larger windows), the old framed windows create really nice doors on a home-made or reinvented piece of furniture. For a truly ambitious project, kitchen cabinets could be designed to have window doors. The biggest problem here would be the need to match the dimensions of the wardrobe doors and the existing frame windows.

2. Decorative mirror

Often the frame windows have a broken box or two, which can be easily replaced. However, a second option would be to remove any window panes intact, and instead of having the glass in the frame, a large mirror could be mounted behind it. This makes hanging a striking wall and an elegant way to check the tie or hat on the road outside the door.

3. Greenhouse

While the old windows (in single boxes) are no longer energy efficient for the houses, they can still be functional for the greenhouses, and a collection of them combined creates a unique structure. The old windows, without having to heat the space, will keep the wind away from the plants and will trap a bit of heat for them too. There are many cultures that thrive in this kind of situation. Moreover, for smaller spaces, this greenhouse can be reduced to something more like a cold frame.

4. Frames

Leaving the windows as they are, or cleaning the wood a little with sandpaper and scrapers, leaving them as they are, make beautiful frames for a series of photos, for example of the family or a loved one. Just take regular photo prints, place them behind the glass and hang the window on the wall. This is a sensible project for anyone, and it looks nice.

5. View table

For the most ambitious DIY projects, the old frames work phenomenally as tables for display tables. The legs of the redesigned chair make the table legs fantastic. On top of these legs, some repurposed wooden or wood pallets can be molded into a box without a lid, and that box can be sized so that a frame window fits well on it like a lid. Attach the frame window with some hinges. It is now a delightful display table for books or precious objects.

6. Artwork

Since they already have the term "frame", the frame windows work great as works of art. If they are particularly beautiful on their own, they can be hung like that. They may also display small prints in each box. They could also cover a large print. Or, for do-it-yourself artists, there are paints to make colorful stained glass windows that would be wonderful.

7. Fake landscape

Finally, for the do-it-yourself-er with a hint of kitschy and ironic comedy, an old frame can be used to create a false panorama to look at. Or use an exploded photo or a poster to support the window. Then, when hung on the wall, it will seem as if he were looking out the window at the Eiffel Tower, the streets of Rome or the Death Star. This could be perfect for a basement apartment or one of those rooms with a view of the outside wall of the building next door.

The old windows are just funny, and they can really be amazing. There are many other upcycle projects – warheads, window walls, etc. – with or without windows, and there are lots of windows to do them all. So, why not keep an eye on the right frame window for your next project?

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