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8 Halloween costumes accessible by PAW Patrol to buy or do it yourself, which are absolutely Puptastic

We are in mid-September and we all know what it means: our children are starting to watch the Halloween shows and make a mental inventory of all the lollipops and mini-Twixes that they will gather on that magical night. They might even ask us to buy a costume already, and it's actually not a bad idea. Shopping early for popular children's Halloween costumes will save you a lot of frantic shop ups and long lines arriving at the end of October, especially if your child is destined to be a member of the PAW Patrol this year.

Since its debut in the summer of 2013, Patrol PAW has earned millions both for its creators based in Toronto and for Nickelodeon, which broadcasts the series in the United States, reports Financial Post. Its popularity undoubtedly derives from the perfect fusion between the cuteness of the puppies and the heroism of the first rescuers: the main characters are all puppies who learn how to perform rescue missions, with the help of their teacher / commander, the human boy Ryder. With unique talents (Tracker has exceptional hearing, the Rocky recycler can reuse the trash in useful tools), the Patrol is ready for any situation. So let those kids touch Patrol PAW backpacks and cuddles under Patrol PAW blurry blankets. As for role models, parents could do much worse.

If your child has the courage to dress like Marshall, Everest or another useful friend of Paw Patrol, the first step is to discover once and for all which character they want to be. So do some comparison shopping to find out which costume option works best for you. Do you want the convenience of buying a pre-packaged suit, or would you rather put together a costume with cheaper components?

Regardless of the option you choose, there are many ways to ensure your children will be "ready for a free-wheel rescue" on Halloween. Take a look at these fantastic purchases.

Chase Costume

PAW Patrol Chase Halloween Costume

$ 18


Your little hero will echo the little German shepherd's motto: "Chase is on the case!" in this costume at reasonable and comfortable prices, available at Walmart and elsewhere. The hat is what really makes the dress; I mean, those * ears *, people.

Skye Tutu

Pink baby tutu

$ 10

City party

The problem with many children's prefabricated Halloween costumes is that they are practically useless on November 1st. They are too cumbersome to wear at school and too impractical to wear at the store or church. A more practical option is to buy separates that can be worn long after the last Milky Way bar has been eaten. For example, you can create a do-it-yourself costume by Skye, the air rescue cockapoo, combining this tutu with a pink turtleneck sweater. Add glasses eyewear (available in any 99 cents or sports store), and you're done. After the holiday, the tutu can be worn over leggings and the sweater can be paired with jeans on a cold day.

Marshall hooded sweatshirt

Nickelodeon Toddler Boys' Paw Cartoon Character Hooded Sweatshirt

$ 16


Sweet and slightly awkward, the fireman's Marshall dalmatian puppy is "all excited" to help anyone who needs it. For a super simple and reusable Halloween ensemble, dress up your child with this hooded sweatshirt (with a transparent hood), plus a pair of red sports trousers. If your child has black boots, so much the better; if not, sneakers are fine. The hooded sweatshirt can be worn alone in the fall, and it's so cute that the baby will not give you a fight on the grouping in the morning.

Rocky costume

Patrol costume for children

$ 20


Not all "PAW Patrol" costumes are widely available, unfortunately. Rocky is one of them. The eager dog of mixed race is specialized in doing new things with waste materials. But if your little trick-or-treater wants to dress like Rocky, you'll have to do a little research to find a costume for the character. Target is one of the stores that carries the Rocky suit, so if you play now, you'll have plenty of costume for that special night.

Do-it-yourself debris

Construction worker costume

$ 40

Lakeshore learning

Rubble, an English Bulldog, is the construction expert of the Patrol who uses his tools to dig and transport people from trouble. If you prefer not to buy a full-length fur costume, this lightweight vest and rugged helmet from the Lakeshore training company will do just fine. You can pair it with brown trousers and boots, add a toy hammer or a bulldozer, and use crayons to paint your face to draw protruding fangs of protruding jaws. Rubble on the double!

Everest Dress

Tracker Vest

Explorer Khaki Safari Explorer unisex child vest

$ 14


The other new member of PAW Patrol is a Chihuahua named Tracker, whose super sense of hearing helps him find jungle animals in danger. You can assemble a complete Tracker with this safari vest, green or khaki trousers and an outback style hat. Attach a pair of construction paper ears on the side of the hat for the final touch.

Skye Costume with case

Girls' PAW patrol patrol catcher costume

$ 22

Eastern Trading

Also available in the Marshall and Chase versions, this costume is a winner for a variety of reasons. First of all, it's a comfortable tunic. Secondly, its design makes it appear that the characters drive their signature vehicles. And the most beautiful of all, the front also acts as a practical "candy catcher" that makes it easy to take home the loot!

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