Monday , July 26 2021

An excellent example of how to build your own tools: two clever do-it-yourself objects to perfectly cut the vinyl piping

ID students: now that the semester is in full swing, it is hoped that it will be covered in blue foam dust from projects running in the store. And while you all learn to use existing tools, you will eventually come across a problem that they can not solve, and you will have to design and build your tools. This can be something as simple as a jig or a moderate hack that makes an existing tool easier to use for your application.

Here is an excellent example of this. Let's say you need to cut vinyl tubes for a prototype. Of course, you can hack it with any number of bladed instruments from the store's tool room, but it's necessary perfect cuts, both through the tube and longitudinally.

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It is at that moment that you will think about it, look for some cheap material and invent something like this:

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This was done by Pocket83, and provided a free model of the first cutter here.

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