Wednesday , July 6 2022

Apple has now removed a leader in the #Apple2 campaign


Amid widespread repression of leaks and workers’ organization, Apple has fired Janneke Parish, leader of the Apple # Apple2 campaign. During an internal investigation, Parish, the program manager for Apple Maps, was suspended for deleting files from his workpiece – a condition Apple has classified as “non-compliant”. The file included applications such as Robinhood, Pokමmon Geo, and Google Drive.

Internally, some employees expressed disbelief that there could be nothing more than revenge for organizing the parish shooting.

This is the second time in the past few months that an employee has been fired after talking about Apple’s company culture. In September, technology giant Ashley Javik was fired for leaking classified information. Jajavik has filed a number of allegations against the NLRB regarding how Apple treated her and the wider workforce.

Jivick’s latest allegation is that Tim Cook’s leak prevention memo could violate U.S. labor law. In September, the CEO wrote a note to all Apple employees saying that “confidential information leaks do not belong”. He added that the company was doing “everything we can to identify the leaks.”

These ideas were linked to an all-powerful meeting on September 17 and leaked Here is the approximate moment of doing.

Apple’s recent actions are designed to cool employee organization. Employees launched the #AppleToo website in August to allow employees across the company, including AppleCare and retailers, to report on workplace harassment and discrimination. Parish and Apple software engineer Cher Scarlett later began sharing these stories through the media.

Parish declined to comment on the story. Says her lawyer, White, Hilferti and Vincent P. White of Albania Here is the approximate moment of doing: “We can confirm that she is no longer with Apple, but can no longer talk about the status quo.”

Scarlett is currently on paid medical leave due to internal harassment she received while advocating for distance work and transparency.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment Here is the approximate moment of doing.

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