Thursday , July 29 2021

AR Workshop opens bricolage boutiques in Concord | news

Editor's Note: We asked the owners of the AR Workshop Concord some questions to help our readers learn more about them.

In a couple of paragraphs describe your new activity:

We are a do-it-yourself boutique workshop specialized in practical lessons to create customized furniture. Our workshops are perfect for birthdays, showers, team building events, as you call it!

What is your specialty and what distinguishes you?

We offer a wide range of types of projects, including tapestries, canvas pillow cases and pillowcases, wooden or planked frame signs, centerpieces, frames, trays and lazy susans. We also have hundreds of designs to choose from and we're constantly adding more to our line up, so there's always something fresh and new to do. Also, everyone in our classes can choose to do something different, which is fun! For example, a person can make a vacation sign for their porch while their friend can make a centerpiece box with their family name on it. Many of our models can be customized to be a perfect gift for a wedding, a home heating or someone special.

We opened on June 15th and the seminar was full for the holidays!

Who are the owners / partners / managers?

AR Concord workshop is co-owned by Ryann Fairweather and Beth Drinkwater who own each other AR laboratories in the Charlotte area. Ryann is the owner of AR Workshop Belmont together with the founder of AR Workshop Maureen Anders. Beth owns AR Davidson Workshop. The shop is run by Heleen Barnard – an artist who specializes in pet portraits! Together, they are all excited to share the AR Workshop concept with their Concord neighbors.

Where are you and how can they reach you?

Come and visit us at the store. We are located in Afton Village (5345 Vining St, Suite 102) 704-278-7080. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @arworkshopconcord and you can subscribe to the electronic newsletter at the address Our e-newsletter is the best way to stay informed about everything we have going on and find out about sales, special offers and more.

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