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Brand infringement How to solve it? – General sales questions

  • Publish the ORIGINAL suspension notice you received from Amazon at the start of the discussion. ok
  • Send your response to the notification, immediately after, your ORIGINAL suspension notice, if you have written one.
  • Do not create multiple threads for the same problem. Post in your original discussion.
  • Be patient, be honest and understand, sometimes it can take up to 30 days, as the seller's services respond to your action plan.
  • Do not send duplicate emails to Seller-Performance. Every time you submit an appeal, it can be counted, the number of times you can file a revised appeal.

An action plan (POA), requires these four elements:

  • Problem:
    What problem, Amazon status, was your account suspended for, in the Suspension Notice?

Examples: non-authentic, sale of prohibited items, negative feedback, opening of a new account after suspension, claim of claims for infringement of property rights of the rights owner, sale of counterfeit goods, duplicate accounts, late shipping fee, used items sold as new, not as advertised / incorrect item, etc …
– If there are several reasons, face them individually, in a single appeal. –

  • What you I've already done to correct the problem:
    What did you do to correct the problem (s) that caused the suspension?

Example 1: We have deleted all the ASINs from our Amazon inventory, which were, not authentic, counterfeited, banned, used items sold as new, etc …

Example 2: We have corrected the title, images, bullet points, description, checked our inventory, for non-advertised / incorrect items, etc …

Example 3: We contacted the rights holder and agreed to withdraw the complaint, made against us and presented the notice of withdrawal, directly to Amazon, etc …

Example 4: we have provided legitimate invoices, from the manufacturer or rights holder, etc …

  • How do you plan to prevent the same problem from happening again in the future:
    Which company remedies will be put in place, to be avoided future problems, with your account?

Example: We will only buy shares, directly from authorized producers or distributors, which will also allow us to sell on Amazon.

  • Make a brief closing statement:
    The key word here is "short". Amazon needs, personal excuses.

Example: we accept full responsibility for our error and fully understand "why" (insert reasons for suspension, complaint, etc.), please consider restoring our account and we will never make the same mistake in the future.


Your name
Your Amazon seller name
Your phone number

Appeals must be brief, honest and to the point. Use the format above to help compile a POA, but please do not send it until you publish a draft of what you wrote in this thread for review by other sellers.

You will not be able to add items to Amazon until you are able to file a successful appeal and suspend the suspension.

There are several Amazon email addresses, for different types of suspensions.
The most common is [email protected]

Please do not send private messages to other sellers, unless they have asked you to provide further information, you may not want to publish publicly.

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